Spirit Board is a game mode featured in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The Spirit Board allows 1-4 players to select from a selection of Spirits that rotate on a timely basis. The player or team will then enter the Spirit battle with the same conditions and fighters the spirit usually has in Adventure. If any player in the team gets KO'd, the battle ends in defeat. After losing the fight, the players will return to the Spirit Board. If they lose to the same spirit battle three times, the spirit will disappear from the board.

After winning the battle, the player is then put into a minigame called "Free Spirit", where the player is found in front of the defeated fighter using a gun that somewhat resembles one of Samus's arms with the Spirit logo on it. The defeated fighter will have a shield rotating around them in the shape of a circle with a segment missing. If the player presses A, the gun will instantly shoot a beam that travels immediately to its destination in a straight line. If the beam hits the defeated fighter, the fighter will get KO'd and the spirit is freed. The spirit will then immediately go to the owner's collection where they can use it or dismiss it freely. However, if the beam hits the shield, the defeated fighter can run away with the spirit still in its posession unless if the player pays Spirit Points to try again. Every time the gun hits the shield, the shield will become smaller and will stay that size in all the next fights until the spirit is freed, when it will reset. During this phase, the Sluggish Shield and Shield Spacer items can be used to make freeing the Spirit easier. If the spirit is freed or if the player fails in the Free Spirit phase, the spirit will also disappear from the board.

Spirit Board Items

Spirit Board items found in the game can be used in the Spirit Board.

Spirit Board

These are items that can be used on the Spirit Board. The items mainly affect what spirits are currently displayed on the board.

Item Functionality
All Primaries Clears the board and shuffles a batch of primary spirits
All Support Clears the board and shuffles a batch of support spirits
Rematch Brings back the last spirit that disappeared from the board because you lost to it. You then have three more chances to fight. If the board is full, it does not work.
Shuffle All Clears the board with a new batch of spirits
Filler Fills any empty spots on the Spirit Board with spirits.

Battle Items

These are items that can be used before a spirit battle starts. An item can be set when setting up the spirit team. The player can only have one item active.

Item Functionality Notes
Weaken Minions Weakens the base stats of the enemy's minions, making it easier to KO them Can only be used in battles where there's more than one enemy
50% Damage All enemies start the battle with 50% damage
Health Drain Enemies have a flower on their head for the full duration of the battle, taking constant damage
Items Disabled No items will appear in the battle Both players and opponents will still start the battle with items if they would due to the conditions or spirit team traits regardless of if this is used
Slow FS Charge Slows the rate of the enemy’s Final Smash Meter charge, similar to the spirit trait "Jam FS Meter"

Free Spirit Items

These are items that can be used during the Free Spirit phase to make freeing the spirit easier.

Item Activated by Functionality
Sluggish Shield X button After it's used, it'll slow down the enemy shield a ton for one second. You cannot shoot during that second. After that second has passed, the enemy's shield will be going slower.
Shield Spacer Y button After it's used, the enemy loses a considerable amount of shield. If used on an enemy with a pristine shield, they'll be left with slightly under half a circle or shield.

Spirit Board Events

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Every week, events are held on the Spirit Board that will affect the spirits on the spirit board. Each event has a certain theme, with its own set of spirits appearing randomly and spirits that periodically appear, meaning these spirits appear at certain hours and disappear when the hour ends.