The Spin Glitch, also known as the Chaos Control Glitch, is a glitch that can be performed as Sonic on any ramp.

This glitch requires a 45 degree ramp, which is preferably a fall-through platform placed somewhere above the ground. Using Sonic's Spin Dash the character shoots off the end of the ramp, but continues to fly through the air in a straight path, unaffected by gravity. They will not stop until the player cancels the move with an attack, is themselves attacked, or the attack is completed. This glitch is also used to do the Stuck Spinning Glitch (SSG). Jigglypuff is also seen to be able to do this glitch with her Neutral Special, however, once started it will not stop until it hits something, stops, or SDs.

Additionally, when used by Sonic, if he hits or is hit by anything, he will teleport upward a huge distance, while the Spin Dash continues uninterrupted.

After Sonic teleports upward, he will not hit any other players standing in his way, he will just pass through them.

Spin Glitch 2

There is also the Spin Glitch 2 which is a glitch performed by Sonic. To perform this glitch, use the spin dash or spin charge (preferably spin charge, preferably charged) to go up a slope/ramp (optional, easier this way). At the very end of the animation (which you have to make sure is at the top of the slope/ramp), press the direction opposite that which you are going (which should be down the ramp). If performed incorrectly, Sonic will slide a short distance. If performed correctly, he will quickly slide a large distance, sometimes falling of an edge to an SD. To give an idea as to how potent this glitch can be if mastered, it is possible to go from the farthest left spot on Hyrule: Temple to the base of the stage in less than one second.


Sonic Skyroll

Sonic Skyroll

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