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Special Orders is a new mode in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. You complete challenges that Master Hand and Crazy Hand have set.

Master Orders

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In Master Orders, the player is given a set of passes (or "Orders" as the game calls them) that can be purchased. These tickets can only be tried one time each. Challenges include: one-on-one battles, team battles, horde battles, target smash, etc. Custom characters are permitted. Sometimes, a ticket may include extra effects, such as the player being given "mega" status and everybody having a launch rate of 1.4x.

One-on-One and Team Battles

Battles include timed matches, stock matches, coin battles, and stamina matches. Battles may start with the players being metal, giant, tiny, with back shields and other items, etc. Foes are shown on the ticket, and special items can be viewed to the right of the ticket.

Horde Battles

In Horde Battles, the player must play against a team of multiple clones of a particular character. The character fought is shown on the ticket.


Prizes are given to you upon completing the order, based on what difficulty you chose. Prizes range from coins to custom parts to Crazy Orders Passes. The type of prize is shown on the ticket.


  • Clear a Master Orders ticket to get a Crazy Orders Pass.
  • Clear a Master Orders ticket while playing as Rosalina & Luma to get the Rosalina in the Observatory / Luma's Theme music.
  • Clear a Master Orders ticket while playing as Mega Man to get the customization Tornado Hold.
  • Clear a Master Orders ticket on Hard or higher difficulty to challenge Dr. Mario, where defeating him will unlock him.
  • Clear a Master Order on Very Hard difficulty or higher to get the Trade-Off Attacker Protection Badge equipment.
  • Clear a Master Order on Hard difficulty or higher while playing as King Dedede to get King Dedede's Theme.
  • Clear a Master Orders ticket with a difficulty of intense to get the Desperate Specialist Agility Badge equipment.

Crazy Orders

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Similar to Master Orders except with a greater entrance fee but potentially greater rewards. After paying the price of 5000G or a Crazy Orders Pass, the player selects his or her character and begins play on Turn 1. Like Master Orders, there are three normal options to choose among, beginning with simple ones such as a one-on-one with a low-level computer, and each having its own reward. Unlike Master Orders, no ticket includes extra effects. A player advances turns by choosing and winning a battle. After the first turn, Crazy Hand becomes the fourth option, and the player may choose to end the Crazy Order by choosing him at any turn. There is a time limit, but it's rarely an obstacle; because some damage is carried from one turn into the next, the danger of losing a battle increases with each, and a player should consider choosing to battle Crazy Hand depending on whether they can win another turn.


-Custom characters are permitted.

-The player has ten minutes of active play time (during battles, but not with Crazy Hand) before the clock runs out, failing the player immediately.

-70% of a player's damage is carried from each turn into the next.

-Losing a battle results in loss of a significant portion of rewards earned.

Battling Crazy Hand

Once a Crazy Orders player has decided they want to fight Crazy Hand, be it from lack of ability or lack of will to safely carry on, the fight begins on Final Destination. In later turns, Crazy Hand may have allies, including Master Hand himself. Winning the battle will result in receiving significant additional rewards along with the rewards compiled from each turn advanced beforehand.


-The player has stamina scaled to their damage before beginning the fight (more damage equals more stamina) at a minimum of ~150, and Crazy Hand has stamina scaled to the current turn (later turns equal more stamina) at a minimum of ~190.

-Crazy Hand may be accompanied by CPU players (without stamina, but damage %) and Master Hand, whom shares stamina with Crazy Hand.

-After slightly reducing the hands' stamina, treasures will drop from either of the hands. They disappear like normal items after some time. The more turns that are cleared, the more treasure that will drop.

-Losing against Crazy Hand will result in a complete loss of all rewards earned prior to the battle.


-Beam Sword and Ray Gun equipments work wonders. If using the Ray Gun, avoid battles with multiple enemies--giant opponents are easily shot down.

-Any feasible healing moves (e.g. Robin's Nosferatu) or equipments (especially Auto Healer) work more wonders.

-Unharmed Attacker equipments work in great synergy with healing, ending the match more quickly and reducing risk of taking damage.


  • Clear Crazy Orders to get the Crazy Hand trophy.
  • Clear Crazy Orders while playing as Villager to get the Rover trophy.
  • Clear Crazy Orders after 5 or more turns to get the Speed Crasher Agility Badge equipment.
  • Clear Crazy Orders after 8 or more turns to challenge R.O.B., where defeating him will unlock him.
  • Clear Crazy Orders after 10 or more turns while playing as Greninja to get the Battle! (Reshiram/Zekrom) music.
  • Clear Crazy Orders after 12 or more turns to get the Soda Popinski trophy.
  • Clear Crazy Orders after 20 or more turns while playing as Mario to get the F.L.U.U.D. trophy.