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! Block to Bandai
Bandai Namco to Candy Kong
Cannon Jump Kick to Copy Abilities (Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
Copy Ability to Donkey Kong Isle
Donkey Kong Jr. to Event: Wrecking Mario
Event: Yellow Devils to FireRed
Fire (disambiguation) to Gimps
Giratina to Hyrule (universe)
Hyrule Castle to Kirby's Air Raid
Kirby's Dream Land to List of SSB3DS trophies (Pikmin series)
List of SSB3DS trophies (Pokémon series) to Luigi (Super Smash Bros.)
Luigi (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) to Mighty Winged Pikmin
Mii to Odin
Off Wave to Pikmin Pluck
Pikmin Rope to R.O.B. Side Special Move
R.O.B. Squad to SSBW
SSBWU to Skill Spheres
Skill Tree to Stages
Stagnant Shuriken to T3h Knee
TAS to Trophy Tussle 2
Trophy Tussle 3 to Winged Pikmin
Winged Pikmin Jump to Ω stages
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