Spam refers to the practice of using a certain move repetitively. Projectiles are the most used spamming moves. This action is sometimes considered cheap, especially when a player uses the same attacks all the time. Some players will use different attacks but will have a tendency to use spammy attacks more often. Juggling an opponent may also involve spamming such as repeating Up Tilts. Chaingrabbing is sometimes considered a form of spamming. Ideally, the spammable move is fast, has little or no lag, and can be used from a distance. While the game discourages spamming with Stale-Move Negation, the average spammable move doesn't do much damage anyway, so the effect is less noticeable. Spamming all the time will make a player's attacks very predictable, so a "normal" player can shield to dodge most of the spammer's attacks. Playing with characters with Counterattacks or Reflectors is also a good way to deal with spamming players. Saying that someone spams is usually considered a john within the competitive community as there is always a way for a character to counter spam moves. Zelda's Side Special is the most notable move that is considered spam.

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