A Space Jump in progress. Mario here is Player 1.

The Space Jump is a maneuver that can be done by Player 2 in The Subspace Emissary. When used, Player 2's character is quickly relocated to wherever Player 1 currently is, regardless of any obstacles in the way.

A Space Jump is used when:

Additionally, the Pokémon Trainer will perform a similar move in the background to keep up with his Pokémon as they progress through a side-scrolling level. However, the light that relocates him is reddish-orange, unlike the blue-white light for the playable characters themselves. (This is presumably also done in versus mode, but it's never seen on-screen.)

If a Space Jump is in progress while Player 1 is not on-screen after being KO'd, the teleporting player will be held in place until Player 1 respawns.


This move is an almost identical copy of a move in Kirby Super Star, where Kirby's partner could warp to Kirby's location. However, if the partner held the X button down, it would be locked in teleport indefinitely, and if the button was tapped repeatedly, the helper would eventually self-destruct. In the game's remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra, this teleport function is even referred to as the Space Jump.


  • Samus Aran's own double jump in this game is a power up in most of her own games, called the Space Jump. In the 2D Sidescrollers, the Space Jump enables Samus to jump infinite times in mid-air, gaining major amounts of height. In the Prime series, Samus gains a power-up called the Space Jump Boots, which resembles her double-jump in this game. It enables her to jump twice, once off the ground and once in mid-air.