Space Dragon Rush is Ridley's Side Special. Ridley lunges forwards and swipes his claws through the air; if he grabs an opponent, he will slam the opponent into the floor and then drag them across the ground at high speed, throwing them upon reaching the edge of the platform.

If the jump button is pressed while dragging the opponent, Ridley will release the opponent and jump upwards.

If Ridley grabs an opponent midair, he will take them downward until he hits solid ground. If he brings them down to the blast zone, or if he drags them to the side blast zone, Ridley will be KOd first.


Ridley's Special Moves
Standard Special Plasma Breath
Side Special Space Dragon Rush
Up Special Wing Blitz
Down Special Skewer
Final Smash Plasma Scream


The Space Dragon Rush is a move Ridley used during a cutscene in the Subspace Emissary, in which he smashed Samus against a wall and then dragged her across the room.


  • Ridley can drag someone faster than Big Blue for a few seconds.
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