The Soul Breaker is a glitch performable only by Mewtwo.

How to perform

The glitch requires at least two characters, one of which must be Mewtwo. The other character doesn't matter, though it's easiest if they're human. As Mewtwo, throw a Red Shell, and use his Side B attack (Confusion) to reflect it. After reflecting it five times, have the other player fall in front of Mewtwo as he reflects it a sixth time. If done properly, Mewtwo will enter his broken shield animation, and the other player will be stuck to him. To end the glitch, have Mewtwo Self destruct.


  • This glitch is technically possible in any mode where you face another character, but try it first in Training Mode. There, you can slow down time to get the timing right, and you can also create Red Shells without having to wait for them.
  • Easier to perform with a large character like Bowser as the second player.
  • Stages with drop-down platforms, such as Battlefield, are recommended, though any stage can work.


The other player is stuck to Mewtwo, and is completely helpless. However, the player can still be damaged by Mewtwo's attacks. This can be exploited to rack up damage quite easily.

Soul Stunner

An odd side-effect of the Soul Breaker is called the Soul Stunner. While the Soul Breaker is activated, using Mewtwo's down throw (where he whips them with his tail) on other players will freeze them too. Though similar to Soul Breaker, the Stunner doesn't cause them to follow Mewtwo around. By using Shadow Ball on two frozen characters, one can obtain an infinite combo. The Stunner can be negated by using Confusion on the frozen character.

External Links

Youtube video explaining the glitch

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