Souflees are enemies from the Kid Icarus series.


In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Souflee Smash Run

A Souflee is on the right.

In Smash Run

Souflees appear as rare enemies. They move very often, making them difficult to hit, and intentionally avoid trying to get close to the player, but when defeated they drop large amounts of powerups.

An event in the Smash Run, called "Souflee Fest", causes Souflee to become considerably more common. The random challenge door Survive: Normal difficulty contains three Souflees and an Orne; this door is more rewarding then a hard difficulty door as the player can get two more huge stat boosts, but they must avoid the Orne if they want to get the most out of it.

In Smash Tour

A Souflee can appear as a random event. Bumping into it awards a player a checkpoint bonus, but resets their current checkpoints.



The Souflee trophy appears in both versions. While it is random in the 3DS version, in the Wii U version it must be unlocked by beating the The FINAL Final Battle event on hard difficulty.



One of the cuter enemies to come from Kid Icarus: Uprising. Knowing Pit's love for all things edible, it's just cruel to disguise an enemy as a cake. See the little cherry on top? That's actually an eye! And nothing delicious would float around and attack in such an annoying, erratic way.



Souflees are enemies introduced in Uprising. Though harmless, they are extremely fast and travel a set path. Some even appear temporarily. Defeating one gives a large amount of hearts, the currency of the series.


  • Even though the trophy description says that Souflees attack the player, in Smash Run and Kid Icarus: Uprising, they never attack the player but instead move around erratically for a while before running away.
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