Smashville (すま村 Suma-mura?) is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, based on the Animal Crossing franchise. Players battle on a platform with a moving horizontal jump-through platform suspended above an Animal Crossing town while spectators watch on.

Stage description

The stage dynamically changes based on the time of day, and even the day of the week, determined by the internal clock of the console. During the day, if either Blathers or Celeste (who are both owls) are present in the background, they will be asleep and not pay attention to the match. At night, the town gets darker. On Saturdays, between 8.00 PM and 12.00 AM, K.K. Slider will perform one of six different songs.

It appears that some of the residents watching the match may react to the fighters, such as if the person they are smiling at loses a life, they will occasionally stare maliciously at the player who caused the death. The most notable of these villagers though, is certainly Dr. Shrunk.

Also, small, red balloons sometimes float overhead, holding food if the Food item is activated. The balloons can be popped with one hit.

Tournament Legality

This stage is a starter in tournaments because of its simple layout and no stage hazards. It is one of the three stages legal in Japan; the others are Battlefield and Final Destination.

Background Characters

The following characters appear in the background of Smashville:


Two players in front of the museum in Animal Crossing: Wild World.

In each Animal Crossing game (except for New Horizons) the entire game is set in a town. The town can be seen in the background of this stage. The museum first appeared in the Gamecube game Animal Crossing as a place where the player could take their bugs, fish, paintings, and fossils. The museum in this stage can be seen in the back. The Able Sisters building also appeared in Animal Crossing first and is where players can design patterns for shirts and umbrellas. This building can be in the right of this stage. The town hall first appeared in Animal Crossing: Wild World. It is where the player pays of his or her debt to Tom Nook. This building can be seen towards the front left. The building in the middle with the green roof is the player's house. The house first appeared in Animal Crossing but looks more similar to the one in Wild World. The rest of the buildings are the other townsfolk's houses and are also designed to look like the houses seen in Wild World. Ironically, despite Tom Nook's stores being one of the most important buildings in the Animal Crossing universe, not one can be seen in this stage. In the beginning of Wild World a turtle named "Kapp'n" drives players to their town in a taxi. This taxi can be seen driving across town to the town hall. The town itself in Brawl retains almost everything that can be seen in a town in the Animal Crossing series such as tree, rocks, flowers, a river, bridges, a waterfall (can only be seen with the use of hacking), etc. In this stage in Brawl, the night sky features some constellations, which also originate from Wild World.

In Animal Crossing there would be balloons that float over town carrying a present. The player would have to wait and see if the balloon would get caught in a tree. If the balloon does get caught in a tree the player can shake the tree which makes the present fall down. In Animal Crossing: Wild World there are still balloons that float over the town, but now the player has a chance to buy a slingshot to pop the balloons and have the present fall. It seems the balloons that carry food in this stage is more of a reference to the balloons in Wild World due to the player being able to pop the balloon. In Wild World an astronaut, who is a seagull, named "Gulliver" flies through the player's town in a flying saucer. He can also be shot down with the use of the slingshot. In the background of this stage Gulliver can occasionally be seen flying his ship across the town. In both Animal Crossing and Wild World there is a Pelican named "Pete" who delivers the mail across town. Pete can be seen flying across the town in the background of this stage.

There are numerous characters seen on back of the main platform. All which have appeared in Wild World (while some originate in Animal Crossing) In Animal Crossing there is a dog named "Totakeke" (aka K.K. Slider). Totakeke is a musician who appears at the train station every Saturday at 8:00 PM. If the player talks to Totakeke the player could either request a song or play a random song. He also appears as a musician for The Roost in Wild World. In Brawl, if the player plays on this stage at 8:00 PM through 12:00 midnight on a Saturday, Totakeke can be seen and heard playing one of his songs. The songs that he plays on this stage are real songs that he plays in the Animal Crossing games. In Wild World a pigeon named "Brewster" owns a café named The Roost. Both Brewster and The Roost can occasionally be seen. In Animal Crossing there is a giraffe named "Gracie" who is a celebrity fashion designer who appears occasionally in a town. In Wild World she owns a yellow car that has a roof. In this stage Gracie can be seen with her yellow car.



  • Villager, a character who would be playable in the game after Smashville's introduction, appears in the background of this stage in Brawl.
  • Other than Battlefield and Final Destination, Smashville is the only stage to have an original name. The name Smashville takes advantage of the fact that in the Animal Crossing series players can name their own town, so it is named after the name of the game.
    • Incidentally, it is impossible to name a town "Smashville" in any Animal Crossing game - the maximum amount of characters allowed is eight, but "Smashville" is ten letters long.
  • If the player watches Kapp'n's taxi, after stopping at the town hall it mysteriously drives into a tree. It stays there for a few seconds before restarting the cycle.
  • King Dedede can infinite chain grab every character in the game (including Jigglypuff) on the moving platform if he is facing the direction the platform is moving.
  • Smashville is one of only three stages to have no corresponding series/character in Brawl. The others are Pictochat and Hanenbow.
  • This is the first stage in the series to change based on time and date of the system's clock, followed by Town and City (which is based off of Smashville).

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