This page documents an official Smashpedia policy, a widely accepted standard that all users should follow. When editing this page, please ensure that your revision reflects consensus. If in doubt, consider discussing changes on the talk page.

Smashpedia is an online Super Smash Bros. encyclopedia and, as a means to that end, an online community of people interested in building a high-quality encyclopedia in a spirit of mutual respect. Therefore, there are certain things that Smashpedia is not.

Smashpedia is not a personal profile

The existence of the ability to create a userpage do not make Smashpedia a place for one to create a personal profile. Smash-related sites of this type exist elsewhere on the internet; do not use this site as one of them.

Smashpedia is not a matchmaking service

Smashpedia does not exist to help people find others to play against. As per the above, many other sites exist to do exactly that. Please use them.

Smashpedia is not an image hosting service

This site is an encyclopedia, not an image hosting service. Please take such business to sites such as Photobucket or Brawl Snapshots. Only upload images that are relevant and related to the encyclopedic content of the wiki (see here for details).

Smashpedia is not an assortment of miscellaneous information

Just because you find a piece of information that isn't in an article does not mean it should be immediately inserted wherever you feel like it. This is an encyclopedia, and as such, should be carefully organized and well-written.

Smashpedia is not a forum hosting site

While Smashpedia has forums, it should not be used only for the creation of such forums. Not only are they a drain on the wiki's resources, but the majority are not related to improvement of the encyclopedia. Please take such business to Smash World Forums or the like.

Smashpedia is not an instant messaging service

Smashpedia is not to be used for instant messaging or other forms of communication; see also Smashpedia:User Talk Page Guidelines and our Live Chat.

Smashpedia is not official

Smashpedia is not an official Nintendo site and is not affiliated in any way with the Nintendo company. Unoffficial information related to the community is allowed here, and content will not be removed because it is not official.

Smashpedia is not tech support

Smashpedia is not a tech support service. If you have honest questions about a singular instance, we might try and help, but do not expect us to answer questions about why your GameCube controller isn't working and the like.

Smashpedia is not a strategy guide

Smashpedia is an encyclopedia of facts, not a repository for various strategies to accomplish things. Strategies are invariably opinion-based and lead to articles becoming stuffed full of new ones.

Smashpedia is not a fanon site

After being allowed for over two years, Smashpedia decided to remove fanon from the wiki in September 2013. This means that no fanon material will be allowed in a mainspace article (this includes articles on games, characters, and other info, as well as pictures and videos). Any fanon content found in the mainspace will be removed. Visit for information on fanon.

Smashpedia is not complete

Smashpedia, like most wiki-encyclopedias, is not complete. There are still stubs to be expanded, articles to be cleaned up and images to be uploaded. Don't ever think there's nothing left to contribute.