This page is a guideline on Smashpedia.
It is a principle that suggests how users should contribute to articles. Please be sure that any edits to this wiki reflect the consensus of the community, and discuss any important changes on this guideline's talk page.

This page details what user talk pages are and how they should be used. In particular, it should be noted that a Wikia account is not an e-mail account, Myspace page, or in any way primarily a social networking utility. As such, extended conversations that are not associated with the wiki should not be held on talk pages. The primary use of a talk page is as a way to contact a users about their contributions to the wiki.

For example:

==Double Jump==
I see you added some information about how characters perform double jumps, particularly about the invisible platform that appears under a character. Do you have a source or a picture to verify this? ~~~~

I do not presently have that information, but to get it, blah blah, blah blah blah blah.

(you get the picture)

Also, it should be noted that it is usually advisable to answer a person below their post on the page that the conversation begins on. This allows conversations to be easily followed. As such, after you write on someone's talk page, be sure to check back regularly, add the page to your watchlist, or watch the recent changes to see a response.

Beyond conversations about edits to the wiki, minor outside conversations are perfectly acceptable. However, do not extend these into being chat rooms, message boards, and/or e-mail accounts. All edits show up on recent changes, and continuous messaging floods the changes and makes it very hard to spot other edits. If you feel that you would like to continue a conversation with someone, find a way to communicate with them outside the wiki. For example:

Hey, you seem like a pretty good player; do you want to play sometime? ~~~~

Sure, e-mail me at

One thing that should never be placed on user talk pages are images uploaded to the wiki, videos, or pictures linked from other sites. These are never necessary for using talk pages in their appropriate means. The first two can be handled through a simple link (either internal or external) and the third is soon to be disallowed altogether.

In a nutshell, User Talk pages are a vital part of the wiki, but users should follow four guidelines when using them:

  1. They are primarily for questions/comments about edits to the Smash Wiki
  2. If at all possible, keep all conversations on the same talk page
  3. When conversations begin to leave the relevance of the Smash Wiki, take them elsewhere
  4. Images and videos should be linked to, not embedded.
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