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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Launch Guide!
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Super Smash Bros. Brawl is inarguably the most anticipated game of the year. It incorporates so many great and different series into one enjoyable fighting experience. This guide will take a look at all of the notable features of the game, including the characters, items, stages, and more. Get ready to Brawl!
If you're not in the mood to read all of the separate pages, and just want all of the information in one handy, yet smaller page, then click on the link above. It's not yet finished, so hang in there!
Here's another page that's yet to be finished. In fact, the whole page will change within a few weeks. The character portion will take a look at the playable characters and will give some insight as well. If you've got some information to add, then why don't you do it?
With the introduction of Assist Trophies and Smash Balls, it's clear that Brawl will have the best items of any game... ever... Anyway, for a look at the newbies, then click on the link above. Like always, add your own insight on the items as well.
The stages in Brawl are all based on the many different Nintendo games. We'll list them all here, and you can help by adding your own thoughts as well!
This page takes a brief look at all of the new additions in the game.
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