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Almost all of the enjoyable and different levels are based around core Nintendo video games. Almost every character has their own respective stage, and each one is dramatically or barely different from one another.


The most basic of stages is the Battlefield. This stage has appeared in every Smash game to date, with the overall structure of the stage being similar in each title. The background, however, changes. This time around, the stage will go around the world, and the time of day will also change!

  • Yoshi's Island was revealed early on, and while the basic look of the stage seems unappealing or bland, there are plenty of cool events that'll occur. Plus, fans of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (raises hand!) will also appreciate the visual aspect of the level, which seems to be drawn by hand using crayons and pastel markers. Goonies, Support Ghosts and Fly Guys will often time appear on the stage, and in the background you'll notice some neat nods to the game including the stage where you fight Raphael the Raven on... which, by the way, would be an awesome stage in on itself.
  • Skyworld is another basic stage with exciting events. Once you start the fight, you'll notice that all of the pass-through platforms can be destroyed by attacking them. Unfortunately, using a Final Smash such as Lucario's, as to where he leaps into the air and shoots a giant beam that destroys anything in its path, does not cause people to drop to their deaths- there are clouds under the stages that act as a temporary floor. However, don't fret - after a short while they'll all regenerate!
  • Smashville is not only a normal stage, but it's also one of the coolest, thanks to the background. Not much thought was put into the actual stage design, though you can tell they devoted many a days to produce the backgrounds. Like Animal Crossing, the Wii's internal clock will play a role - if it's daytime in real-life, it'll be day time in the game; if it's winter in real-life, it'll be winter in the game. Characters and special visitors will also celebrate and watch the fight in the background, including none-other than K.K. Slider, who'll appear every Saturday night at 8:00 to play a tune.
  • Battleship Halberd Easy enough, you start off in a hangar- only for a short while, however. A platform flies up, and you continue to fight on that until it lands on the ship itself. There, a large arm in the background will attack and shoot you. Watch out!
  • Bridge of Eldin is the same bridge from Twilight Princess, where Link duels King Bulbin. The goblin (or Moblin?) king makes an appearance, dropping bombs onto the center of the stage. And bombs, as you can guess, make things explode. The center of the stage will disappear, until, just like the real game, it will be replaced by a twilight portal.
  • Castle Siege It's Fire Emblem. No particular castle, and no particular seige, but it's Fire Emblem, nontheless.
  • New Pork City is a city which worships Pokey Minch, a main antagonist in Mother 3. The stage covers a big area, similar to Temple, though not as congested with land. The Ultimate Chimera appears, who, if in proximity, will execute a bite attack. This causes an OHKO, though it can be teched.
  • Pokémon Stadium 2 is an arena shaped like the one in the previous installment, with differences. It's a little bigger, and it features 4 new stage arrangements- an icy arena with slippery platforms, a rough area with a house and a hill, a mechanical arena with conveyor belts leading out of the arena, and an arena where it features fans and stuff, making the gravity weaken, making characters float more easily
  • The Great Sea is a stage where you fight on a pirate ship. There is water surrounding the ship, a catapult near the left end of the ship, a rock obstacle that the ship may come to, bombs shot from a faraway distance, a cameo appearance of the King of Red Lions as a boat near the right side of the stage, and a hurricane which brings the ship to the skies, then falls. When the ship is falling, there is a universal floatiness effect.


The following stages should be very familiar to Melee-ers, as they've been imported from Melee directly to Brawl:

They give a welcome change from the generally safe and simple new stages of Brawl. I'm talking about Big Blue and Rainbow Cruise, very hectic stages. Other stages are just much roomier like Yoshi's Island, Temple, Onett and Corneria. Jungle Japes, Brinstar, Green Greens and Pokemon Stadium are fairly good sized and each have their own gimmicks but mostly provide nostalgia.

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