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Super Smash Bros., a fun little game that was released on the Nintendo 64 some time ago. It wasn't critically acclaimed, though it received moderate grades. The fighting was fun, though there wasn't much to the skeletal structure of the first entry in the series. People played it, it was nice, end of story. Right? Well, no... Nintendo and HAL shocked the gaming world when they introduced a second installment - Super Smash Bros. Melee. It included everything... But, what its the foremost justification for Melee's popularity? Is it the pitch-perfect gameplay? The incredible amount of replay value? The multitude of unlockable content? Possibly, though I'm sure that most if not all fans will agree that the most notable attribute of Melee was the immense nostalgic high that you'll go under while playing. All of your favorite characters and themes from multiple Nintendo video game series all mixed into one satisfying game. And when you really think about it, fighting is the only genre that would allow this type of cross-over to work. I can't imagine a kart racing game with Link or Samus, or a sports video game or even a tactical RPG (though the latter would be cool... though don't ever expect such a thing). The series seems to be an encyclopedia filled with Nintendo information and also includes some of the most outstanding achievements in the gameplay department.

What else is so popular with fans? Well, how about the craziness factor. In a normal fighting game, you'll basically just hit each other, knock each other around, and sometimes they'll throw in a sword or some so-so magical abilities. The games aren't bad - far from it, though after playing the Smash series you'll probably assume that it's the oddest thing ever. Just imagine this situation - You're playing as Mario, and going against Snake, Sonic, and Link. Assist Trophies and Pokéballs are flying everywhere, Bob-ombs are exploding, Shy Guys on karts are launching towards opponents and then a Smash Ball enters the mix. Mario gets the item and unleashes a powerful blast of fire that literally engulfs the entire stage and anyone that gets caught in its power. This is just one example out of millions that are just equally as nuts, but really - that's one of the many things that is so appealing!

The amount of playable characters in Brawl are clearly expanded. Not only do they include first party characters, though this time around Sonic and Snake (possibly among others) join the mix. Sonic was expected, though everyone was shocked though equally happy to see Snake from the Metal Gear series join the Brawl. Each character has been slightly upgraded in both the graphics and gameplay department, though overall if you were a fan of them before, you'll probably be a fan of them this time around and if you weren't, then, well, must I go on?

While there are plenty of grand additions to the game, there are two that are particularly great, and they include the Subspace Emissary and Online Mode. The Subspace Emissary is a full-fledged sidescrolling game that is meant to be played by one player, though if you want a friend can play along with you cooperatively. It includes fantastic but short CGI films and plenty of exclusive enemies and features, including bosses from multiple Nintendo franchises such as Petey Piranha and Rayquaza.

Online is mode that fans have been begging for, and they've thankfully delivered. While you're not able to know who you're playing against, it's still great to know that you'll be able to duke it out online with others across the world. If you don't really like fighting but love to watch, then you're able to do that as well and vote on who you think will win.

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