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Which right are you requesting (admin or bureaucrat)?:

  • Bureaucrat

How long have you been editing here?:

  • Since February 18, 2014

Summarize why you want to/should have these rights: Hello, my name is DerpyDoodle, and I would like to request bureaucratship on this wiki. After watching the activity here for several months, I believe we should have another bureaucrat on this wiki. As you may know, bureaucrats are the people who can make people admins; currently User:TheUltraman is our only bureaucrat. However, Ultra has recently only edited here sporadically (not to call him out or berate him) and I feel that if multiple people had bureaucrat duties then bureaucrat related matters could get done quicker and easier. While we haven't had many user rights issues in the present/near past, there have been instances where closing RfAs in the past has been slowed down due to inactivity. With two bureaucrats, there is a greater chance at least one of them will be on and perform what is needed.

I feel I would be a good candidate for bureaucrat because I edit here nearly every day and have nearly 7000 edits (with over 1/3 of them being mainspace). I have had rollback rights since September and admin rights since January, and in that time I have had a good track record of quickly mediating disputes and dealing with vandalism (especially keeping Candidates for deletion nearly empty). I have also dealt with several editors ranging from confused to troublesome and to my opinion have exercised good discretion in handling their edits, which is good for a bureaucrat to have when deciding whether a candidate is fit/has sufficient support to gain rights.

That is why I would like bureaucrat rights, so take this into consideration and make your decision as you see fit :) DerpyDoodle 01:28, July 16, 2015 (UTC)


  1. Nick O'Demus 01:51, July 16, 2015 (UTC) - I think any decently active wiki should have at least 2 active Bureaucrats.
  2. HHSkullkidassist 02:11, July 16, 2015 (UTC)


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