This page documents an official Smashpedia policy, a widely accepted standard that all users should follow. When editing this page, please ensure that your revision reflects consensus. If in doubt, consider discussing changes on the talk page.

This is the page for requesting adminship on Smashpedia. On Smashpedia, users can request to become an administrator by creating a page explaining why they wish to become an administrator, and users can express their opinion on whether the user should be promoted or not.


To apply for adminship, simply enter your username in the text box below in the section "Current Requests" and click "Add new request".

Info required of the candidate

Once the "Add new request" button is clicked, a new page will be opened with several questions and prompts preloaded on it. Fill in the appropriate information next to the prompts given, using the messages <formatted like this> as guides to what is being asked. Each part of the RfA form is shown below:

=={{User|<replace with your username>}}==

What right are you requesting (admin or bureaucrat)?:

  • <insert requested right>

How long have you been editing here?:

  • Since <insert date of first edit>

Summarize why you want to be/should be an admin:

  • <insert reasons>

Community input

==Support==: This is where other users can post their thoughts on why they think the user should be promoted. To vote, replace the bold ellipsis with your reasons why the user should be promoted, finishing with a signature. Try to go into detail when posting here, as giving many reasons why holds more weight than a simple yes or no, and may influence other people's votes.

==Oppose==: This is where other users can post their thoughts on why they think the user should not be promoted. As with supporting, try to go into detail about why you think the user should not be promoted.

==Neutral==: This where a user can place a vote if they are not sure whether the user should be promoted or not. You should provide thoughts on why they are not a full support/what the user should do to change your vote to a support.

==Comments==: This is where any user can comment on other things related to the RfA, such as discussing another user's vote and why they think their reasons are not valid/something they said was false. Remember to follow talk page guidelines at all times.

After a sufficient period of time has passed allowing other users to contribute their opinion, a bureaucrat decides whether they believe the users should be promoted or not. This decision must be based on the opinions of the other users, not on the sole opinion of the bureaucrat. The RfA will be marked as passed or failed at the top of the page in a template. The page will then be added to the appropriate category (see below), and the user will be promoted depending on the outcome.

Rules & regulations

  • Please make sure to read SP:ADMIN before creating an RfA to learn what is expected of admins and potential admins.
  • Only self-nominations are allowed. If you think that another member would make a good sysop, then you can convince them to nominate themselves. You cannot, however, make a nomination on behalf of another user, and a user will never be promoted to sysop without their consent.
  • Selections of sysops are not a simple vote count, or majority opinion. Users who wish to be promoted should demonstrate a steady commitment to this wiki, and be able to point to reasons that the sysop tools would allow them to do better editing.
  • When supporting or opposing a candidate, give good reasons. Comments that describe in detail why the candidate should/should not become a sysop carry far more weight than simple support/oppose. Also, support comments that reference only edit count carry almost no weight in the selection process.
  • Rollback status is not required for a successful RfA, but is highly encouraged. However, users who only want sysop tools for quick reverts of vandalism will be refused and directed to request rollback from a bureaucrat.
  • Candidates should be prepared to respond to any criticisms or objections presented by voters.
  • Upon request, a prospective sysop may be given a scenario and asked his/her opinion on how s/he would handle it.
  • If a user has been blocked and/or had a previously failed RfA, they are no less eligible for adminship than someone else. However, they should be aware that this may hurt their chances of getting more supporting users, and should explain how their behavior has improved since the block/previous RfA.
  • For users that have had previous unsuccessful RfAs and are planning to open a new one, consider the reasons that the previous nominations failed. Have you improved upon the areas that caused your RfA to fail? Has anything changed about you that would make a new nomination successful?
  • Do not use additional accounts to add more votes supporting your promotion. These votes will be removed and will increase the likelihood of gaining opposition.

Current Requests

Do NOT make a request for rollback here. If you would like to be a rollback, you need to contact Zmario, AceFedora or Plasmaster on their message walls

<createbox> prefix=Smashpedia:Requests for adminship/ width=60 default=Enter Username here preload=Template:Rfa buttonlabel=Add new request </createbox>

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Accepted and Failed Requests

Current requests will be left in the space above for several days after the discussion has closed. The requests can still be viewed afterwards in one of the following categories, along with all previous requests.

For requests where the candidate was promoted, see Category:Accepted RfAs.

For requests where the candidate was not promoted, see Category:Failed RfAs.