Before you start editing Smashpedia, there are a few things you should note in order to make things as smooth as possible. If you have experience with wikis, you may be familiar with some of this information, but please read it anyway to become accustomed to our conventions. If you feel like you need more help understanding wikis, there are a number of other resources that explain how to use wikis in general.

If you'd like to ask a question or get additional help, feel free to use our Community Portal.

Creating an account

At the top of every page if you do not have an account you should see a little log In or sign up button, click the button titled "Sign up" and enter in you're username, email, password, birth date, and the blurry word on the right. Then you should be all ready to start editing here at Smashpedia.

How to contribute

Smashpedia is a wiki; that is to say (among other things) that it relies on community support for its content. You can choose to contribute to Smashpedia in a number of ways.

Editing a page

Because Smashpedia is a wiki, you can edit virtually any page you find (there are exceptions for certain pages, which can only be modified by users with permission to do so). Just click the "edit" button on top of the page you want to modify. You should be sure to use the "Show preview" button after you've made your edits to make sure everything looks okay. Also, include a description of what you changed in the box labeled "summary," and if you made a minor change (such as a typo fix or formatting change), you should check the box next to "This is a minor edit". Doing these little things will help keep others up-to-date with what's being changed without having to scrutinize every edit.

Creating a page

If you'd like to write about something Smash-related that we don't already have an article on, you can start a new article on that subject. Simply go to that page and click on "edit" to start a new page. You should make sure that your topic doesn't already exist under a different name, and see if it's mentioned in a different article. You can do both of these things by using the search box to the left.

Your page might use a special template to organize certain information. For example, character, stage, and event pages all have special templates that are included on each page to list some key information specific to each. If you aren't sure whether or not your page should include such a template, don't worry about it. Someone else will come along and add it if necessary.

Finding information to contribute

If you've already written a guide on a given topic, you're more than welcome to include it. Please make sure that anything you include on Smashpedia is either yours, or that you have permission from the original author to include it. Sites such as Wikipedia can be excellent sources of information.

Be aware that any of your contributions may be edited, altered, or removed by others. Keep this in mind, but don't take offense if someone changes or even removes something you wrote. You can always leave them a message on their talk page or on the talk page of the article asking them to explain their actions.

Other helpful links

Below are some links that can help answer questions you have about Smashpedia.