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The Help Project's goal is to improve the articles in the Help Namespace so that new users can learn the ropes of Smashpedia easily.

What's a Help Page?

The help namespace introduces new users to the ways of SmashWiki. Since any wiki depends on the support of its users, we must let Smashpedia be accessible to as many users as possible, and guide these users to making productive edits. This responsibility lies in the Help Pages.

Current goals

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Make the help pages clear right from the main page

The Main Page is the page that everybody sees, so somebody looking for help should be able to find it from there. This is not as pressing a need, because the navigation system now has links to help topics under "user central." However, help topics should be as visible as possible for new users, so links from the main page can still be helpful.

Articles in this Project

See this category for a list of all the Help pages.