The Admin Noticeboard is intended to be a page to quickly alert administrators to issues that need their attention.

To make a request, statement, create a new section and provide a neutral, precise summary of events with thought-out reasoning, and, if possible, links to any pages with relevant discussions. It is also a good idea to notify any users involved with the request with a link to the section on this page. Make sure to add new sections to the bottom.

Report vandals in the following section labeled for such reports at the top using {{IP|Username}}, where Username is the name of the user or the IP vandal's IP address.

Vandal reports

Please place new vandal reports at the top of this section.

Very persistent vandal

This guy just will not go away. They've used at least 16 accounts to add fanon & false information on multiple wikis, including ours. Most of these accounts have already been globally banned by VSTF, but they keep getting around it by making new accounts and coming back. They are however fairly easy to identify because they keep making the same kinds of edits, usually on the same articles and on the same wikis (ours, Sonic Wiki, MUGEN Wiki, and Happy Tree Friends Wiki being among the most frequent). On this wiki, keep an eye out for suspicious claims about future DLC without any support or references to back it up.

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