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American cover art

Japanese and European cover art

Smashing...Live! is the official CD soundtrack to Super Smash Bros. Melee. It consists of 15 orchestral tracks which were performed by the New Japan Philharmonic, recorded live at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan on August 27, 2002. A clapping audience can be heard at the end of every track (except for "Jungle Garden", as it transitions directly into "Great Bay Shrine").

It was first released in Japan on December 2002 as a gift to subscribers of the Famitsu Cube+Advance magazine. It later made its way to the US and Europe as gifts to subscribers of Nintendo Power and the Official Nintendo Magazine, respectively.

Track listing

Note: For a more detailed list, see Music (SSBM)

  1. Planet Corneria ("Corneria")
  2. Jungle Garden ("Jungle Japes")
  3. Great Bay Shrine (a medley of "Temple", "Great Bay", and the Zelda characters' victory fanfare)
  4. Dr. Mario
  5. Original Medley (a medley of "All-Star Rest Area", "Lottery", "How to Play", "Menu 1", and "Ending")
  6. Fountain of Dreams
  7. Pokémon Medley (a medley of "Poké Floats", "Pokémon Stadium", and "Battle Theme")
  8. Opening (Melee's opening movie theme)
  9. Planet Venom (a medley of "Venom" and Fox and Falco's victory fanfare)
  10. Yoshi's Story (a medley of "Yoshi's Story", a section of the Super Mario Bros. theme, and Yoshi's victory fanfare)
  11. Depth of Brinstar (a medley of "Brinstar Depths" and "Brinstar")
  12. Smash Bros. Great Medley (a medley of "Mushroom Kingdom", "Mushroom Kingdom II", "Flat Zone", "Balloon Fight", "Big Blue", "Mach Rider", "Yoshi's Island", "Saria's Song", "Super Mario Bros. 3", "Icicle Mountain", and "Princess Peach's Castle")
  13. Fire Emblem
  14. Green Greens
  15. Rainbow Cruise


  • EarthBound is the only major universe to have none of its songs be covered by the Philharmonic.
  • The US back-cover of the soundtrack erroneously mistitles "Fountain of Dreams" to "Dream of Fountain".
  • Mr. Game & Watch appears to be accidentally cut-off in the Japanese and European cover art.

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