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Smashing...Live! is an orchestrated performance by the New Japan Philharmonic of fifteen rearranged tunes from the game Super Smash Bros. Melee on one disc (61:53). It was released in Japan on October 21, 2001, a month before the game's release. In 2003, it was given as a gift to subscribers of Nintendo Power and Official Nintendo Magazine.

Track listing

  1. "Planet Corneria (from Corneria)" - 2:05 (arr. Hirokazu Ando)
  2. "Jungle Garden (from Jungle Japes)" - 2:57
  3. "Great Bay Shrine (Medley of Temple and Great Bay)" - 4:15 (arr. Shogo Sakai)
  4. "Dr. Mario" (Dr. Mario's Theme) - 4:04
  5. "Original Medley" (All-Star background, Trophy lottery, How to Play, Menu 1 and Ending music, part of the Final Destination sound can be heard) - 5:01
  6. "Fountain of Dreams" (from Fountain of Dreams) - 3:35 (arr. Tadashi Ikegami)
  7. "Pokémon Medley" (contain music from Poké Floats, Pokémon Stadium, and its alternative music, Pokémon Battle) - 5:42 (arr. Shogo Sakai)
  8. "Opening" (From the intro of Super Smash Bros. Melee) - 2:40
  9. "Planet Venom" (from Venom) - 2:19 (arr. Tadashi Ikegami)
  10. "Yoshi's Story" (from Yoshi's Story) - 2:43
  11. "Depth of Brinstar" (contains Brinstar Depths and Brinstar) - 3:41 (arr. Shogo Sakai)
  12. "Smash Bros. Great Medley" (contains music from Mushroom Kingdom, Mushroom Kingdom II, Flat Zone, Balloon Fight, Big Blue, Mach Rider, Yoshi's Island, Saria's Song, Super Mario Bros. 3, Icicle Mountain, and Princess Peach's Castle) - 14:18
  13. "Fire Emblem" (Marth and Roy's theme) - 3:52 (arr. Shogo Sakai)
  14. "Green Greens" (from Green Greens) - 1:53 (arr. Hirokazu Ando)
  15. "Rainbow Cruise" (from Rainbow Cruise) - 2:49 (arr. Shogo Sakai)

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