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Smash Tour (Japanese:ワールドスマッシュ Wārudosumasshu) is a mode exclusively in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. It is a board game-like mode similar to Mario Party. It was made to compensate the exclusivity of Smash Run on the Nintendo 3DS version, and thus for adding yet more variety for both versions.


The players start selecting the board's size, if the Custom Moves will be used or not, and the number of turns. There are three sizes for boards:

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  • Big: A giant-sized board that resembles somewhat of a plane.

Each player starts off with two randomly selected fighters.

All the players move at once, and they control the direction they move in, meaning that competition to get certain pieces is raised much higher. Instead of pieces, there are Miis to move around the stage. As the player walks across the board, they can collect stat boosts, items, and fighters. The checkpoints will also upgrade them, and characters will get a large powerup boost if they visit all five checkpoints.

When at least 2 Miis collide with each other on the same space or when a player lands on a "Smash space" (red, fiery space), all players will be forced to battle with one of the characters they have collected in a random type of battle. (Sometimes, it's not even a battle; It can be a game from Stadium mode.)

If a player does not have any fighters, they can't participate in the match. Players can also choose to opt out of the battle and have a CPU control their character. If Custom Moves are turned on, then the characters will receive a random set of moves, shown by a number which goes from 1 to 3. After winning, the player will receive the rewarding item and the fighter from the opponent who placed second. If a player does not emerge victorious after one minute, the player with the most KOs wins the match. If the winning player is on a space that their opponent is on, the opponent will get launched. However, if the launched opponent lands on a space with an item, they get that item, meaning it can be beneficial.

Players can also use items. They can be used on the board or during a smash battle, but most of the time, items are restricted to be used at specific times. Players choose one item to use before every turn or battle by flicking the control stick in the direction their item is at on the circle, so as to keep it secret from other players. If you chose an item that will affect a specific player, you must then choose the opponent to use it on by the same method. After everyone has chosen their items, their selections will be revealed right before the turn or battle starts.

Sometimes, random events will happen on the board, such as Koffing obscuring the entire board for one turn.

After the last turn, bonus stat boosts are given to players who have achieved certain goals. Then the final battle will start, where every player will fight with the stat boosts and characters they've acquired. The final battle is a 4-minute Stock Battle on Battlefield, but the stock is replaced with all the fighters collected through the game. The character who wins is not the one with the most stock at the end, however, but the one with the most KOs.

List of items

There are three types of items: Board Items, which help you move across the board, Battle Items, which you can use in battle, and General Items, which can be used both on the board and in battle.

Board Items

  • Ashley - Slows down the spinner.
  • Boss Galaga - Switches the other players around.
  • Bus to the City - Calls everyone to your space.
  • Chain Chomp - Scatters nearby opponents.
  • Dillon - Launches rivals you encounter.
  • Doc Louis - Increases the effect of stat boosts you pick up.
  • Excitebike - Doubles the result of your spin.
  • Ghosts - Lets you walk past stationary rivals.
  • Great Fox - Warps to a checkpoint you haven't been to.
  • Isabelle - Transforms nearby stat boosts to maximum size.
  • POW Block - Makes everyone else drop some fighters.
  • Riki - Draws in nearby items as you move.
  • Snorlax - Makes you impossible to launch (for now!)
  • Super Star - Makes you invincible and twice as fast.
  • Tetra - Places a trap that can steal a rival's fighter.
  • Timmy & Tommy - Transforms nearby items into different items.
  • Tingle - Shuffles everyone's fighters.
  • Yellow Wollywog - Nullifies a trap that you step on.
  • Zinger - Places a trap that can launch an opponent.

Battle Items

  • Back Shield - Start the battle wearing a Back Shield.
  • DK Barrel - Lets you team up with one of your other fighters.
  • Bob-omb - Start the battle with a Bob-omb.
  • Boo - Makes you invisible at the start of the battle.
  • Daisy (Baseball) - Lets you automatically catch items thrown at you.
  • Energy Tank - Heals you once if your damage exceeds 100%
  • Franklin Badge - Start the battle wearing a Franklin Badge.
  • Home-Run Bat - Start the battle with a Home-Run Bat.
  • Kat & Ana - Automatically breaks your impact on walls and ceilings.
  • Latias and Latios - Lets you team up with an opponent.
  • Magnus - After the battle, all players you KO'd get launched.
  • Metal Box - Start the battle in metal form.
  • Mr. Saturn - Makes it easier to break shields with your attacks.
  • Ore Club - Start the battle with an Ore Club.
  • Phosphora - Lets you land instantly by tapping down.
  • Plasm Wraith - Heals you when you block attacks with your shield.
  • Poison Mushroom - Shrinks an opponent of your choosing.
  • Sidestepper - Speeds up your sideways dodges.
  • Steel Diver - Start the battle with a Steel Diver.
  • Super Mushroom - Start the battle in giant form.
  • Super Scope - Start the battle with a Super Scope.
  • X Bomb - Start the battle with an X Bomb.
  • Wolfen - Inflicts 100% damage on an opponent of your choosing.

General Items

  • Substitute Doll - Makes one Tour Item hit someone else instead.

List of stat boosts

  • Speed (Increases character's speed)
  • Attack (Increases character's attack power)
  • Arms
  • Jump
  • Special
  • Defense
  • All (Gives character all six stats)

List of board spaces

There are four types of board spaces which have different effects.

  • Warp Space - Instantly moves you to another warp space on the board.
  • Stat Boost Space - Gives you stat boosts.
  • Battle Space - Instantly sends all the players into battle.
  • Fighter Space - Gives you a fighter.

List of random events

  • Koffing uses Smokescreen, covering the board in gas for one turn.
  • Nabbit will walk around the stage collecting items for one turn. Anyone who bumps into him will get all the items he collected.
  • A Reaper will appear and exchange a Checkpoint Bonus for three of a character's fighters. By moving to his space on the board you agree to this deal, but if you don't have enough characters the Reaper will knock you away.
  • The Yellow Devil will appear on the game board, transporting all the players to Wily Castle to fight it. Whoever defeats the Yellow Devil will gain many stat boosts.
  • Metroid will wander the map and steal power-ups from any players it touches. Players can get the stolen power-ups by running into Metroid.
  • Ridley will appear on a random spot on the map. If a player runs into him, everyone will be taken to the Pyrosphere stage where they will battle Ridley. The player who lands the final blow on Ridley will collect several power-ups.
  • Metal Face will appear on a random spot on the map. If a player runs into him, everyone will be taken to the Gaur Plains stage where they will battle Metal Face. The player who lands the final blow on Metal Face will collect several power-ups.

List of random types of battles

  • 300% Smash - Start with 300% damage, akin to Super Sudden Death.
  • Flower Smash - Fight with a Flower on your head.
  • High-Launch Smash - Characters will be knocked back much farther than normal.
  • Pokémon Smash - Fight on Kalos Pokémon League with Poké Balls as the only items.
  • Smash - Normal Smash.
  • Target Blast
  • Team Battering Smash - A team battle.
  • Team Boss Galaga Smash - A team battle with only Boss Galaga items appearing.
  • Warp Star Smash - The only items that appear are Warp Stars.

List of bonuses

  • Distance Traveled - Your Speed stat is increased based on how far you've traveled.
  • Lucky 7 - All stats with a 7 are powered up.
  • Booby Prize - You get a fighter!
  • Launched Ace - You get a fighter!
  • Launching Ace - Your powerful stats will increase even more.

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