A Smash Taunt, known as Smash Appeal (スマッシュアピール?) in Japan, is a special taunt that can be done only by certain characters, on certain stages, more specifically the Star Fox Characters on the Star Fox Stages (see: Star Fox Smash Taunt), Snake on Shadow Moses Island (see: Snake's Smash Taunt), and Pit on Palutena's Temple (see: Pit's Smash Taunt). In Melee, the Smash Taunt could only be done by Fox and Falco on the Corneria Stage or the Venom Stage. However, in Brawl, Wolf and Snake also can do it in addition of former two. Samus can also Smash Taunt in Brawl. If she uses her Up-Taunt, her Down-Taunt, and again her Up-Taunt fast enough, she'll transform into Zero Suit Samus.

Once one of the characters successfully initiates the taunt, they will do a pose lasting several seconds. During this time, the character can't move, and if they're hit, the taunt will be cancelled. However, if the pose is completed without flinching, the radio conversations will begin (Samus won't have a radio conversation). If the character who did the Smash Taunt is KO'd during the conversation, it will abruptly come to a halt, and, in Snake's case, include a humorous conclusion based on the Game Over from the Metal Gear Solid series. In Melee, however, being KO'd is not even necessary; the characters only need to flinch to end it.

  • Smash Taunts are used by tapping the down taunt button just once, for about one frame (with the exception of Samus, which is used by doing her Up-Taunt, her Down-Taunt, and again her Up-Taunt fast enough).
  • Smash Taunts can only be used once per match for all characters, regardless of whom initiates it. If the initial pose is for any reason broken, all players must wait until the match is over to make another attempt.
  • Smash Taunts cannot be activated if the character has a Smash Ball.

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