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The Smash Gauge (スマッシュゲージ, sumasshu gēji) is a special mechanic in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It acts as a alternate mechanic in place of Smash Ball.


The Smash Gauge is a traditional meter gaining gauge that is based on traditional 2D-based fighting games, which applied to all players. Once the gauge is full, players can perform Final Smash. However, if one player uses Final Smash first, players won’t be able to perform their own Final Smashes.

The Smash Gauge only has 1 gauge. Upon filling the gauge meter, it started out a multicolored. Once the gauge meter is filled, it sparks with electricity.


  • Prior being implemented in Ultimate as an alternate mechanic in place of Smash Ball, is likely that Smash Gauge comes from a possible demand from many fans of traditional meter gaining gauge fighting games to have this said mechanic appear in Super Smash Bros. series.