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The Smash Ball.

Announced at E3 2006, The Smash Ball (formerly called a Smash Emblem or Smash Orb by fans) is an item shown to debut in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It appears to allow the user to activate an especially powerful Final Smash attack.

To use the Smash Ball, the characters must attack the Smash Ball until the screen darkens and he/she/it begins to glow. The attack can be unleashed at any time, and can only be used once, after you get the Smash Ball by pressing the Special Move button. However, the Smash Ball can be knocked out if the character with the item is damaged enough.

At first, the Smash Ball was obtained simply by touching or passing through it.

When a Smash Ball appears, the screen blinks and the crowd gasps.

The Smash Ball can move around on its own, making it harder for players to use; it must be attacked by the players until it breaks, and whoever breaks it will be able to use their Final Smash. This should not be confused with a normal item as it grants the user a special attack; nevertheless, it can be turned off in the Item Switch option for those who wish to battle without absurdly powerful attacks, or even any items at all.

If no one breaks the Smash Ball after a long enough period of time, it flies away. However, the longer it is flying around the easier it is to break. It can also be damaged by the stage (ex: Norfair's lava), and if nobody strikes it before it is destroyed, it is lost. Smash Balls are also affected by glancing blows.

In the Smash Bros DOJO!!, the Smash Ball doesn't appear as an item[1], instead as a how to play tutorial segment.

Originally, it was thought that the Smash Ball could only be used by a character once per battle, due to the way that the DOJO!! worded it. As it turns out, it simply meant that a character could only use a Final Smash once per Smash Ball.

While a Final Smash can be used more than once per battle, when a character is in standby mode, the screen goes dark and no smash balls appear until the Final Smash is used. This means that only one Final Smash can be used at once.

If all three Dragoon Parts are in play, a Smash Ball will not appear until they have been used to summon the Dragoon.

This item is also available as a trophy and is most easily found by picking it up in Subspace Emissary or All-star mode, it is not very rare and won't take that long to find.

List of Final Smash Attacks

Trophy Description

A mighty item. Each character has a unique secret technique known as a Final Smash that can only be used when that character acquires a Smash Ball. Use it well, and you'll be one huge step closer to victory. It can turn the battle's tide, help you put the finishing touches on a complete thrashing, or even provide a chaotic finish that's sure to leave you laughing until you cry.

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