This article is about the stage for multiplayer use. For the Subspace Emissary side-scrolling stage, see Skyworld (SSE).

Skyworld is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The stage consists of a main floating platform with three smaller platforms above the main platform and one platform below connected to the right side of the main platform by a chain, and can raise and move right, or fall and move left. All the platforms have clouds directly beneath them.[1]

All the platforms are breakable, excluding the bottom platform below the main platform. When they are broken, all that is left is the clouds they were on top of. You can stand on the clouds and drop through them as well. It is Pit's home stage.

Songs in My Music

  • Underworld
  • Skyworld
  • Title (Kid Icarus)
  • Kid Icarus Original Medley

Song in bold must be unlocked


  • Star KOs are easily obtained from the upper-most platform of the stage.
    • Star KOs can be accomplished at relatively low damages
  • When the lower-most platforms have been destroyed, spikes are easily performed because the spiked character will sail directly through the clouds.


  • There is a glitch on this stage concerning Mr. Game & Watch. If you play as him, break the middle section of the main platform, and walk towards one of the platforms on either side of the new empty space, you will drop through the cloud, as if you had smashed the Control Stick down. However, even if he just walks towards either platform, he will still drop through.
  • Another glitch can be performed on this stage with Meta Knight. When using his Side Special, Drill Rush, aim up into a breakable platform and Meta Knight will appear above the platform once the move has been finished.
  • When Pokémon Trainer is chosen, the trainer stands on the ship in front of the fountain.
  • Ironically while most characters Final Smashes are not affected by stage they are on, Pit's is affected. The Centurions hit the breakable stage and are knocked out of flight. Because of this, characters with a fast enough spot dodge can easily completely dodge this attack on this stage.
  • It is very easy to beat certain CPU characters here, even at Level 9. The CPU must be a character with a poor recovery, like Link, and the player must be a character with a good recovery, such as Pit or R.O.B.. If the player gets onto the moving platform at the bottom, the CPU will follow them, and when the platform is about to go off the screen, the player can use their character's good recovery to get back to the stage, but the CPU will not be able to get back due to their poor recovery, so will self-destruct.

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