This article is about the stage for multiplayer use. For the Subspace Emissary side-scrolling stage, see Skyworld (SSE).

Skyworld (天空界 Tenku Kai?) is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (as Skyworld (Brawl) in PAL versions), and returning in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The stage consists of a main floating platform with three smaller platforms above the main platform and one platform below connected to the right side of the main platform by a chain, and can raise and move right, or fall and move left. All the platforms have clouds directly beneath them.

All the platforms are breakable, excluding the bottom platform below the main platform. When they are broken, all that is left is the clouds they were on top of. You can stand on the clouds and drop through them as well. Players can be launched through the clouds at a high enough speed.

The stage is banned in most tournaments as the platforms are not passable until they are broken. Additionally, the unique platforms cause an over-reliance on stage spikes.

Tournament legality

The stage is banned in most competitive tournaments as the unbroken platforms can create a "Cave of Life", allowing for techs and unusually high damage percentages. Additionally, the unique platforms cause an over-reliance on stage spikes.


Sky World is the third level for Kid Icarus and its sequel Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters. The majority of the elements in this stage are made up for Smash and have no origin, with a few exceptions: In Kid Icarus's Sky World, there are platforms that are made out of stone and some that are clouds. Throughout the level, there are columns that go through the cloud platforms and support some of the stone platforms. In this stage in Smash, the main platforms are made out of clouds with destructible stone platforms on top. In the background can be seen numerous columns. Also in Kid Icarus are floating platforms that go from one side of the level to the other, which Pit can use to his advantage to reach his destination. In Smash, there are times where a floating platform towards the bottom of the stage will go from the left side of the stage to the right.


A few glitches can occur in Skyworld:

  • One of them concerns Mr. Game & Watch. If the player plays as him, breaks the middle section of the main platform, and walks towards one of the platforms on either side of the new empty space, the player will drop through the cloud, as if they had smashed the Control Stick down. However, even if he just walks towards either platform, he will still drop through.
  • Another can be performed on this stage with Meta Knight. When using his side special, Drill Rush, aiming up into a breakable platform causes Meta Knight to appear above the platform once the move has been finished.
  • Another one involves a Hothead. If the left side of the highest platform is destroyed, the Hothead will rapidly move back and forth on the right side's top left corner while it circles clockwise.



  • When the Pokémon Trainer is chosen, he stands on the ship in front of the fountain.
  • Ironically while most characters Final Smashes are not affected by stage they are on, Pit's is affected. The Centurions hit the breakable stage and are knocked out of flight. Because of this, characters with a fast enough spot dodge can easily completely dodge this attack on this stage.
  • If the player breaks the platforms as a heavy metal character and walk on the clouds, they will fall right through.
  • A statue of Palutena can be seen to the left of the background. This statue is modelled after her artwork from the first Kid Icarus game.

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