Skuttlers (ボックン, Bokkun) are enemies from the Kid Icarus series.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

SSB4 - Smash Run Tac

Skuttler is at the right.

Skuttlers appear as enemies in Smash Run. There are six different variants:

  • Skuttler: Simple enemies who attack with a bone club. They either whack the player with the club or swing it wildly. If they swing wildly they will trip afterwards, giving ample time to attack.
  • Skuttler Cannoneer: Enemies who attack with a ranged weapon. Occasionally when fighting players, their weapons may jam and they will try to unjam it, giving you ample time to attack. There are three types:
    • Red Cannon: Launches a monoeye-like projectile which homes in on the player.
    • Green Cannon: Causes big explosions; this explosion also hurts everything nearby.
    • Blue Cannon: Hits through obstacles, such as walls.
  • Skuttler Mage: Enemies who use staffs to fight. When they attack a player, a screen similar to using the Dragoon appears and when the mark is on the player, they fire a projectile which causes a specific stat to decrease. The specific stat varies each time they manage to hit you. If too close to them, they will hit the players with their staffs upwards, then downwards to drain more stats.

Trophy Description


Skuttlers make no bones about coming up to you and swinging their clubs right at your face. The bigger the swing, the more it'll hurt. They act tough, and they do have a lot of health, but any strong attack from you will send them tumbling. Their shields are just for show, too. Our advice: throw them or whack them in the back.

Skuttler Cannoneer

These foot soldiers come in three varieties, which you can tell apart by looking at the color of the cannons they're carrying. The green ones cause explosions, the blue ones' shots go through obstacles, and the red ones fire homing missiles. Occasionally, their cannons will stop working, giving you an opening to attack!

Skuttler Mage

An Underworld enemy from Kid Icarus: Uprising. This type of Skuttler specializes in magical attacks. In Smash Run, it can attack at close range or grab fighters from long range and do magical damage. Be careful! From magic to cannons to hiding in statues, Skuttlers are quite versatile.

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