Single Button Mode is a Special Melee mode in Super Smash Bros. Melee, which causes the game to ignore all input except for the control stick, which is used to move around and jump, the Start/Pause button, which is used to pause the game, and the A button, which is used for standard attacks. Since special moves cannot be used in this mode, fighters whose second jumps gives off high vertical height, such as Yoshi and Ness, and fighters who have multiple jumps, such as Kirby, and Jigglypuff, have an easier time staying alive, while characters with poor double jumps, such as Bowser and Zelda, find it very difficult to get back on the stage at high percentages. Additionally, Zelda cannot transform into Sheik mid-match in this mode since the special moves command is disabled (meaning the only way to play as Sheik in this mode is by holding the A Button at the stage loading screen). Since shielding and dodging is also disabled, it makes it easier for players to KO other players off-stage by edge-guarding or meteor smashes.

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