Side Special (also commonly called Forward B, and Side B in iterations prior to Super Smash Bros. Brawl) is a Special Move first introduced in Super Smash Bros. Melee. It is performed by pressing the Special Move Button while holding "left" or "right" on the control stick (or control pad on the Wii Remote). Many Side Special Moves cause the character to rush forward to cover long distances between them and a foe or horizontally recover. Some Side Special Moves are different depending on whether or not the control stick (or pad) is "smashed" or simply tilted to the side. An example would be Samus's missiles, where a "tilt" yields a weak homing missile, and a "smash" yields a stronger, faster missile.

List of Side Specials

Character Move Description Image
Banjo & Kazooie Wonderwing Banjo & Kazooie charge in front of them with one of Kazooie's wings out. You can only use this move 5 times in one Stock. Wonderwing
Bayonetta Heel Slide/After Burner Kick Slides on the ground with her heels outstretched. If used in the air, it becomes After Burner Kick and can be aimed at a downwards angle with specific directional inputs. Heel Slide
Bowser Flying Slam (SSBB, SSBWU/3DS)

Koopa Klaw (SSBM)

  • Flying Slam: Grabs any opponent in front of him, jumps into the air, and body-slams them into the ground.
  • Koopa Klaw: Grabs opponents close by and damages opponents farther away.

Flying Slam SSBWU

Bowser Koopa Klaw SSBM

Bowser Jr. Clown Kart Dash The Clown Car sprouts wheels, and Bowser Jr. can speed down the stage, ramming into opponents. Junior1
Captain Falcon Raptor Boost Rushes forward a small distance, giving opponents in front of him a fiery uppercut if on the ground and meteor smashing them in the air. Captain Falcon SSB4 (1)
Charizard Flare Blitz Charges forward headfirst in a fiery blaze. Causes a large amount of damage to opponents but also causes recoil damage. ZlCfzR7A3VQiZAiJ1k
Cloud Strife Cross Slash Traps opponents and attacks them with a barrage of slashes. Each slash must be inputted normally, but all hits come out at once while under Limit Break status. Cross Slash Miss
Corrin Dragon Lunge Drives his blade diagonally towards the ground. If it hits the ground, Corrin will stop in midair, though can follow up with other moves. Dragon Lunge
Dark Pit Electroshock Arm Rushes forward and uppercuts with the namesake weapon. Deals electrical damage, reflects projectiles, and possesses Super Armor Electroshock Arm SSBWU
Diddy Kong Monkey Flip Flips forward, and grabs the opponent, which can be followed up with a slap or jump. Can transition into a kick while flipping forward. Monkey Flip Grab SSBWU
Donkey Kong Headbutt Headbutts any opponent in front of him, which will bury them on the ground and meteor smash them in the air. Headbutt SSBWU
Dr. Mario Super Sheet Redirects opponents and projectiles like Mario's Cape, but reaches longer and does more damage, though has more lag. Super Sheet SSBWU
Duck Hunt Clay Shooting The dog throws a flying disc from his mouth, which travels in an upward curve. Clay Shooting SSBWU
Falco Falco Phantasm Rushes forward a considerable distance in a short amount of time. Travels a farther distance than Fox Illusion. Falco Phantasm SSBWU
Fox Fox Illusion Rushes forward a considerable distance in a short amount of time. Fox SSB4 (3)
Ganondorf Flame Choke (SSBB, SSBWU/3DS)

Gerudo Dragon (SSBM)

  • Flame Choke: Rushes forward and grabs opponents by the neck, then slams them into the ground. If used in the air, Ganondorf will drag the opponent down until they hit ground or die.
  • Gerudo Dragon: Rushes forward and gives opponents a dark magic uppercut on the ground and meteor smashes them in the air, much like Captain Falcon's Raptor Boost, but is slower and more powerful


Gerudo Dragon (SSBM)

Greninja Shadow Sneak Disappears momentarily, then reappears somewhere else. Goes farther the longer it is charged, and can be charged while moving. Greninja shadowsneak
Ice Climbers Squall Hammer The two Climbers spin forward, repeatedly hitting opponents. Ice Climbers Squall Hammer SSBB
Ike Quick Draw Rushes forward and performs an outward slash. Quick Draw SSBWU
Jigglypuff Pound Leaps forward a small distance and throws a punch. Pound SSBWU
King Dedede Gordo Throw (SSBWU/3DS)

Waddle Dee Toss (SSBB)

  • Gordo Throw: Throws only a Gordo.
  • Waddle Dee Toss: Throws between a Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo, Gordo, or a Capsule.

Gordo Toss

Waddle Dee Toss

Kirby Hammer Swings his hammer. If used in the air in SSBM, Kirby will swing vertically, but in SSBB, it launches horizontally. In SSBWU/3DS, Kirby can now charge the move; this is known as the Hammer Flip. Kirby SSB4 (11)
Link Gale Boomerang (SSBB, SSBWU/3DS)

Boomerang (SSBM)

  • Gale Boomerang: Throws a Boomerang which pushes other characters when it comes back to Link.
  • Boomerang: Throws a Boomerang which returns to him.

Gale Boomerang SSBWU

Link Boomerang SSBM

Little Mac Jolt Haymaker Leaps foward and throws a downward punch. LittleMacJoltHaymaker
Lucario Force Palm Thrusts its paw in front of itself, briefly charges up aura, then unleashes it in a large area in front of its palm. If it is used when standing within grabbing range of an opponent, Lucario grabs the opponent and unleashes a blast of aura through his/her chest. Force Palm SSBWU
Lucas PK Fire Fires a yellow, lightning-bolt shaped projectile, that travels in a straight line until it hits an enemy or destructible portion of a stage, at which point it explodes into flames. Lucas PK Fire SSBWU
Lucina Dancing Blade Performs a four hit sword combo. Can be varied by tilting the control stick. Lucina Dancing Blade
Luigi Green Missile Launches sideways like a rocket, the distance and damage being based on how long it's charged. Cn randomly misfire for increased damage and distance. Green Missile SSBWU
Mario Cape Swings his cape forward. It has the ability to reflect projectiles and spin characters in the opposite direction even if they are shielding. Mario Cape SSBWU
Marth Dancing Blade Performs a four hit sword combo. Can be varied by tilting the control stick. Marth SSB4 (8)
Mega Man Crash Bomber Fires a blinking explosive in front of him, which explodes after a short time. The bomb can be attached to characters and walls, and also can passed between them, much like the Gooey Bomb. Screen-4-1
Meta Knight Drill Rush Leaps backward via a brief backflip, and whirls forward in the fashion of a drill with his blade outstretched. Geadagsd
Mewtwo Confusion Psychokinetically whirls the opponent in front of it around, and lets the opponent land clumsily on the ground, doing some minor damage in the process. Confusion SSBWU (Opponent got hit)
Mii Brawler
  • Onslaught: Rushes forward with knee outstretched; if they hit an opponent they will barrage them with kicks.
  • Burning Dropkick: Launches forward feetfirst in a fiery blaze.
  • Headache Maker: Jumps and strikes downwards with both fists.

OnslaughtBurning DropkickHeadache Maker

Mii Gunner
  • Flame Pillar: Launches fire at the ground, which creates a pillar of fire that hits multiple times.
  • Stealth Burst: Fires a small and difficult to see bullet that creates a small explosion.
  • Gunner Missile: Fires a missile from their arm cannon.

Flame Pillar SSBWUStealth BurstGunner Missile

Mii Swordfighter
  • Airborne Assault: Jumps and spins in the air, dealing a large blow to whatever they hit.
  • Slash Launcher: Dashes forward, striking any opponent they hit.
  • Chakram: Throws a chakram whose direction can be influenced.

Airborne Assault SSBWUSlash Launcher SSBWUChakram

Mr. Game & Watch Judge Attacks with a hammer, and a card holding a random number between 1 and 9 is shown. What the attack does is dependent on the number. Judge SSBWU
Ness PK Fire Throws a lightning-shaped projectile in front of him, which will envelop the enemy in a barrage of flames. PK Fire Luigi
Olimar Pikmin Throw Throws the first Pikmin in line forward; what it does depends on the type of Pikmin. Olimar-3
  • Reflect Barrier: Summons a large barrier in front of her which can reflect projectiles and push opponents back.
  • Super Speed: Rushes forward with her wings glowing blue, damaging any opponent she runs into.
  • Angelic Missile: Launches at opponents in a fiery blaze.

Palutena's reflectSuper SpeedAngelic Missile

Pac-Man Power Pellet Sets a path of pellets and eats them, damaging anyone in his path. If he makes it to the final pellet, his attack strength will increase. Pac-ManWiiUscreen-4
Peach Peach Bomber Leaps forward with her hip outstretched, and damages anyone in her path in an explosion. (Fire in Melee, Hearts in Brawl and SSB4) Peach Bomber SSBWU
Pichu Skull Bash Launches forward headfirst. Hitting an opponent with this fully charged can cause a One-Hit KO, but also causes recoil damage. Pichu's Skull Bash Move
Pikachu Skull Bash Launches forward headfirst. Can be charged. Pikachu SSB4 (1)
  • Upperdash Arm: Rushes forward and deals a large uppercut. Can also reflect projectiles.
  • Angel Ring: Spins his blades at a high speed. Can be used to reflect projectiles.


Angel Ring

Pokémon Trainer
  • Withdraw: Withdraws into his shell and spins around the stage. Cannot be damaged while using this.
  • Razor Leaf: Throws a leaf forward, causing minor damage.
  • Rock Smash: Smashes a rock with his head, causing a large amount of damage to anyone hit.

WithdrawIvysaur Razor Leaf Close SSBBRock Smash SBBB

R.O.B. Arm Rotor Leaps forward and spins its arms around at a very fast rate. Arm Rotor SSBWU
Robin Arcfire Throws a ball of fire forward, which will engulf and repeatedly strike the enemy. Robin-arcfire
Rosalina & Luma Star Bits The Luma shoots out two Star Bits, causing minor damage. Starbits
Roy Double-Edge Dance Performs a four hit sword combo. Can be varied by tilting the control stick. Double-Edge Dance SSBWU
Ryu Tatsumaki Senpukyaku Spins around in a whirlwind with his leg outstretched. Performing the original input will increase the distance gained and damage dealt. Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
Samus Missile Fires a missile. Can vary from a Super Missile and Homing Missile, depending on the input of the move.
  • Burst Grenade: Throws a grenade forward and afterward pulls the pin, causing a small explosion.
  • Chain: Throws a chain forward, causing small electrical damage. Can also be used as a Tether Recovery.

Burst Grenade

Chain 3

Shulk Back Slash Leaps foward and slashs the opponent, dealing higher damage if striking from behind. Shulk5
Snake Remote Controlled Missile Fires a missile which can be guided. Snake is immobile while doing this. Snake Missile
Sonic Spin Dash Gets into a ball, does a small leap, and then spins forward or backward. Spin Dash SSB4
Toon Link Boomerang Throws a boomerang, causing minor damage. Toon Link Boomerang SSBWU
Villager Lloid Rocket Launches the Lloid Rocket, which flies straight and causes major damage. Villager can also ride on it. Lloid Rocket (Wii U)
Wario Wario Bike Rides a motorcycle down the stage. He can jump off it and throw it at other players. Wario Bike SSBWU
Wii Fit Trainer Header Heads a soccer ball, which will bounce and remain on the stage awhile to be used again. Super-Smash-Bros.-Wii-Fit-Trainer-Soccer-Ball-Screenshot
Wolf Wolf Flash Rushes forward in a short amount of time, also gaining some vertical height. Causes massive damage if sweetspotted and can be used as a meteor smash. Wolf Flash
Yoshi Egg Roll Retreats into his egg and rolls around the stage. Egg Roll SSB4
Young Link Boomerang Throws a boomerang forward, causing minor damage. Young Link's Boomerang Move
Zelda Din's Fire Sends a ball of fire in front of her, which can be detonated. Dinssb4
Zero Suit Samus Plasma Whip Shoots the Plasma Whip forwards, which can be easily sweetspotted at the tip. Plasma Whip SSBWU
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