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Side smash, also known as a forward smash, is a smash attack performed by any character by tapping the control stick forward and pressing A at the same time quickly, or by pressing forward on the C-stick, though the latter method does not work in Melee's single-player modes. Similar with the Strong Side, certain side smashes can be performed at 2 different angles other than the straight strike, directing the hitbox in that diagonal direction.

In Super Smash Bros. Melee, the side smash can be charged by holding down the A button for up to two seconds, resulting in higher damage and knockback.

List of side smashes in SSBB:

Mario: Sticks out his palm and looses a burst of fire. A quick smash, but also quite weak. Slightly disjointed hitbox, can be angled.

Luigi: Horizontally karate chops forward. Most likely his best KO move, this is very quick with surprising knockback.

Peach: Swings forward with either a golf club, frying pan or tennis racket. Tennis racket sends foe forward, golf club sends foe up at a 45 degree angle, frying pan sends foe straight up. Not much knockback on any of them, but this is a quick move with a disjointed hitbox.

Bowser: Headbutts forward. Most damaging forward smash in the game (does 46% damage fully charged), but with little range, a lot of start up and ending lag.

Donkey Kong: Claps forward. Quite quick, with good knockback.

Diddy Kong: A very odd smash; he spins his body around, hitting first with a weak right arm then again with a strong left arm. Screeches whilst doing it. Surprising range, but quite weak for a smash.

Yoshi: Swings his head forward. This is surprisingly strong.

Wario: Performs his shoulder charge from Wario Land games. Average in all areas, cannot be block thrown. Has a small amount of Super Armor.

Link: Swings his sword forward. The attack button/C-stick can be hit again to deliver a second, more powerful hit.

Zelda: Sticks her arm out and lets out a small burst of magic, which sucks foes in and deals multiple hits. The last hit has a lot of knockback. This is quite quick, powerful, and has a very slightly disjointed hitbox.

Sheik: 2 rolling-kicks forward. The first kick nearly always links into the second, more powerful kick.

Ganondorf: Elbows forward, like Captain Falcon. Gives a shadow fire effect.

Toon Link: Exactly the same as Link's. However, the first swipe delivers no knockback and the second hit can be blocked after being hit with the first.

Samus: Shoves arm cannon forward forcefully. Quick and weak.

Zero Suit Samus: Whips forward with the plasma whip. A lot of range, but it is very hard to sweetspot; more often than not, you'll do pitiful damage and knockback. Has noticable startup lag as well. The sweetspot also seems to change for each use. Viable for worst forward smash.

Pit: Swipes forward twice with swords. Considered to be a good KO move.

Ice Climbers: Swing hammers forward.

R.O.B.: Lets loose a blast of fire/electric energy from his eyes. Can be angled well. Disjointed hitbox, useful knockback for spike setup.

Kirby: Jumps forward with his foot extended. Similar to Jigglypuff's, but with less start-up lag and more range.

Meta Knight: Pulls his sword back and, after a grunt, looses forward an astoundingly powerful slash. This is considered to be Meta Knight's only laggy move, in any way, shape or form.

King Dedede: Swings hammer forward, very slowly. This is incredibly powerful. The highest knockback side smash in the game.

Olimar: A Pikmin spins and flys forward. This has a lot of range, but only delievers powerful knockback when the opponent is near to you and when you use a red/purple Pikmin.

Fox: A simple forward cartwheel. Same as his Melee side smash, with a different animation.

Falco: A slashing cross-chop forward. The most powerful side smash of the Space Animals.

Wolf: Slides forward in an odd pose, with his front arm outstretched. This cannot be block thrown. Not one of Wolf's better finishers, though.

Pikachu: Looses a burst of electricity in a ball from its cheeks.

Squirtle: Charges forward, shell-first. Cannot be block thrown.

Ivysaur: Plants vines on the floor and shoves its body forward. Cannot be block thrown initailly, but can be after Ivysaur returns to the ground.

Charizard: After some start-up lag, it slams its head forward and upwards.

Lucario: Looses a burst of aura. Low knockback, a lot of start up lag, also viable for worst.

Jigglypuff: Similar to Kirby, it jumps forward with its foot extended. However, this has more start up lag.

Marth: The deadly tipper move. He slices forward, with the tip of his sword delivering a stunned effect and a lot of knockback. Viable for best in the game because of its speed, power, and range.

Ike: Smashes his sword forward. Very powerful at any part of Ragnell. It even has a hitbox behind Ike and it doesn't lose any knockback or Priority there either.

Ness: Swings a baseball bat forward, with significant start up lag. The tip of the bat is more powerful than the rest of it, and it can reflect projectiles.

Lucas: A very quick swing forward with a branch. This can also reflect projectiles.

Mr. Game and Watch: Swings a fire poker forward.

Snake: Fires a bazooka at his feet. Large hitbox, good knockback but a lot of start up lag.

Sonic: Punches forwards. A good KO move, but lacks in range and is slower than most of his other attacks.

Notable side smashes include:

  • Link, Young Link, and Toon Link have a second side smash that can be performed by tapping A again after completing the first slash.
  • Ness' and Lucas' side smash is unique mainly because it allows them to reflect trajectory attacks, if timed correctly.
  • Marth's forward smash is most likely the most well known and feared of all the side smashes because of its speed, range, and knockback.
  • Roy's side smash is one of the few finishing moves in his arsenal, having longer reach and a stronger knock-back than Marth's forward smash.
  • Bowser's side smash is the most powerful in Melee, doing 32% fully charged, and can even send the Sandbag farther than the Home-Run Bat at certain percentages. In Brawl, it is powered up even more to 46%, making it the most powerful side smash.
  • King Dedede's side Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl has been confirmed to be the highest knockback side smash in the game. It does 33% damage fully charged.
  • Wolf's forward smash has incredible range, and almost no start-up lag.
  • Ike's side smash. Although it doesn't deal as much damage as a few of the strongest characters, it has the second highest knockback and extremely long range.
  • Peach's side smash involves one of three randomly chosen weapons, each with varying range and knockback angle.
  • Lucario's Side smash (as well as his up smash) leaves a small ranged Aura residue from his paws, allowing Lucario to attack from a small distance.

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