Shy Guys (ヘイホー, Heihō) are common mob enemies throughout the Mario and Yoshi franchises.

They joined Super Smash Bros. Brawl as Stage Hazards, and have resumed their roles in subsiquent installments. A piece of Headgear for the Mii Fighters modeled after their mask was also made available for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Character Description

Shy Guys are mysterious people, never seen without their trademark robes and white masks. Little is known of their true identities, as they go to great lengths to keep it concealed (though Luigi accidentally sees what's within in one of the endings in Mario Power Tennis). They are very easy to defeat and pose little to no threat as they're primary form of attack is simply walking or running. Compared with the rest of Bowser's minions, Shy Guys have more of a tendency to be docile and neutral, with a few being even friendly towards Mario and his allies.

Shy Guys first appeared in Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic and later Super Mario Bros. 2, originally as Wart's minions and as denizens of Subcon. Since then they have been roaming the Mushroomy Kingdom and even Yoshi's Island. They have also become regular participants in various spin-off sports games and in Mario Party.


  • Introduced in Super Mario Bros. 2:
    • Beezos - Shy Guys with insect-like wings that fly in a straight line, wielding bidents.
    • Snifit - Shy Guys wearing special black masks equipped with nozzles that allow them to fire small bullets from their mouths.
  • Introduced in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island:
    • Bandit - A tall Shy Guy variant with a different mask design that aim to steal anything from Yoshi, be it coins or Baby Mario, and run away with the loot.
    • Spear Guy - Shy Guys wielding spears. They are uniquely identified by their tribal-style design with tribal paint and grass skirts, making them resemble the Maasai warriors from eastern Africa.
    • Mega Guy - A giant Shy Guy. In Super Mario Advance, throwing one to the ground repeatedly or at an enemy produces hearts. If Yoshi eats one, he will lay Giant Eggs or Mega Eggdozers.
    • Fat Guy - A large, rotund, overweight Shy Guy that only walks back and forth. Eating one makes Yoshi lay Giant Eggs.
    • Fly Guy - Shy Guys with propellers.
    • Flamer Guy / Pyro Guy - Shy Guys that are permanently engulfed in flames.
    • Stilt Guys - Shy Guys on stilts. Yoshi cannot eat them until they lose their stilts from getting stomped on.
    • Stretch - Tall and lanky Shy Guys that spit out seeds if jumped on.
    • Slugger & Green Glove - A pair of Bandits that play baseball with a Yoshi Egg, consisting of a batter and pitcher.
    • Grunt - Red and yellow Bandits wearing a Spiny Shell hat.
    • Zeus Guy - A Bandit clad in a karate gi that can fire balls of energy (possibly referencing the Hadoken). Yoshi cannot eat them or jump on them, and they can only be defeated with a Blue Watermelon, Anywhere POW, or fireballs.
    • Boo Guy - Shy Guys that are ghosts. Some are the operators of traps; one particular group of Boo Guys are known as Relay Heihō, which are a line of Boo Guys that pass a bomb to each other and drop it when Yoshi is directly below.
    • Lantern Ghost - Light-hating, heavily-cloaked Shy Guys that are always seen with a lantern.
    • Spooky - A floating ghost. If Yoshi attacks them, the cloak will come out and a green Shy Guy will be revealed underneath (unless they steal Baby Mario, then it will be a Bandit instead).
    • Mace Guy - Rare Shy Guys that swing around a Ball 'N' Chain and hurl it towards Yoshi.
    • Petal Guy - Shy Guys that ambush Yoshi by hiding in flower patches.
    • Train Bandit - Chalk drawings of Shy Guys on walls that come to life whenever Yoshi transforms into a Train.
    • Woozy Guy - Shy Guys that are constantly performing forward flips.
    • Whirly Fly Guy - A rare rainbow Fly Guy. If Yoshi hits it with eggs, it will instead dispense coins and extra lives until it runs out.
  • Introduced in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars:
    • Greaper - Scythe-wielding Boo Guys found in the Sunken Ship. A variant of the Greaper, the Glum Reaper, can be found in the factory.
    • Shyster - Shy Guys that hop about on sword-shaped pogo sticks and work for the Smithy Gang. A stronger variant, the Shyper, also exists and possesses one of the most powerful magic attacks in the game, called "Sword Rain". Another variant, the Springer, can also be found in Smithy's Factory.
    • Sling Shy - Shy Guys in light green robes equipped with sling shots and music-based magic that work for Valentina.
    • Chandeli-Ho - They replace Kinklinks as chandelier holders after the Smithy Gang's takeover of Bowser's Keep.
    • Shy Ranger - An extremely rare camouflaged Shy Guy with high Speed stats that will try to escape once encountered in a battle (similar to a Liquid Metal Slime in the Dragon Quest series). If the party manages to defeat one, they will be rewarded with 20 EXP.
  • Mecha Fly Guy - Introduced in Mario Party. Mechanical wind-up Fly Guy toys that are involved in a few minigames.

Artwork from Mario Party: The Top 100

  • Introduced in Yoshi's Story:
    • Black Shy Guys - Shy Guys clad in black robes and white shoes that fly with propellers to drop bombs. They also cannot be eaten by any color Yoshi unless it is the Black or White Yoshis, supposedly as they leave a bad taste in the mouth.
    • White Shy Guys - Shy Guys clad in white robes and light blue shoes that assist Yoshi to rescue any other Yoshis that have been captured by the Toadies.
    • Bamboo Dancers - Shy Guys on both the foreground and background carrying a bamboo stick in between them. Only found in Stage 5-3.
    • Sensuikan Heihō - Shy Guys piloting submarines that can fire missiles.
    • Snow Guys - Shy Guys that inhabit The Summit and fire snowballs at Baby Yoshis.
  • Introduced in Paper Mario:
    • General Guy - The militaristic leader of the Shy Squad that has been robbing Toad Town on numerous occasions.
    • Shy Stack / Shy Guy Tower - A tower comprised of four Shy Guys stacked on top of each other and attack with slingshots.
    • Medi Guy - Medic Shy Guys that travel in flying ambulances and heal the enemy team.
    • Spy Guy - Shy Guys in camouflaged gear, equipped with slingshots or hammers.
    • Sky Guy - Shy Guys that float via the balloons strapped to their backs.
    • Big Lantern Ghost - A giant Lantern Ghost that has been holding Watt prisoner in his lantern. He serves as the mini-boss of Shy Guy's Toy Box.
    • Anti Guy / Deadly Guy - A unique Black Shy Guy that is extremely powerful, with attacks dealing quintuple the damage of a regular Shy Guy and have high HP.
    • Gourmet Guy - A Fat Guy that can be easily bribed with food. Compared to the rest of the Shy Guys in the game, Gourmet Guy instead helps Mario and Princess Peach after they give him cake.
  • Ghost Guy - Introduced in Luigi's Mansion. Shy Guy ghosts with eyeless masks and wielding bidents like Beezos. When the mask is removed, their real faces are revealed to be two glowing eyes and a black hole for a mouth.
Ghost Guy.png
  • Introduced in Mario vs. Donkey Kong:
    • Mini Shy Guy - Mechanical Shy Guy Toys that behave similarly to the normal Shy Guys from Super Mario Bros. 2
    • Katakata Kaen Heihō - Blue Shy Guy Toys carrying blowtorches. They can only be found in Fire Mountain.
    • Katakata Spanner Heihō - Black Shy Guy Toys that throw wrenches in Mario's direction after gasping in surprise.
    • Katakata Yarihō - Pink Spear Guy Toys that are usually sleeping at first. They will be woken up if Mario steps on their platform.
    • Polterguy / Phantom Guy - Ghostly Shy Guys that cannot be defeat; instead they can turn into platforms if Mario hits an appropriately colored switch.
  • Introduced in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door:
    • Eddy the Mask - A secretive blue Bandit hailing from Rogueport Sewers. According to Goombella he is a "health nut" and loves sports.
    • The Hand-It-Overs / Grim Death Burglars - A team of two red Bandits and two green Big Bandits that fight in the Glitz Pit.
    • Larson - A Bandit that Mario and his partners must catch after he swindles Goomther out of his money with a fake credit card. His name is a pun on the word "larceny".
    • Swindell - Another secretive Bandit that is rumored to be a thief. He spends his time secretly talking to the Doogan Arfur. His name is a pun on the world "swindle".
    • Badge Bandit - A purple Bandit that steals Badges. They can only be found in the Pit of 100 Trials.
  • Boom Guy - Introduced in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Patrolling Shy Guys with Bill Blasters strapped to their heads. A stronger version called Elite Boom Guys can be found in Gritzy Caves that can fire faster Bullet Bills.
Boom Guy.gif
  • Introduced in Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis:
    • Mummy Guy - They behave similarly to regular Shy Guys, but can collapse and reassemble like Dry Bones.
    • Spy Guy - Not to be confused with the Spy Guys from Paper Mario. Black Mini Shy Guys equipped with jetpacks that are only found in the Lava Dome.
  • Introduced in Yoshi's Island DS:
    • Glide Guy - Shy Guys with parasols attached to their heads.
    • Toober Guy - Shy Guys that can float on water via an innertube.
    • Pirate Guy - Seafaring Shy Guys dressed in pirate attire. They can only be found on the "The Goonie Coast Isn't Clear!" level.
    • Rocket Guy - Shy Guys riding rockets, which make them invincible (with the only exception being during the boss fight against Moltz the Very Goonie).
    • Big Guy the Stilted - A giant robotic Shy Guy on stilts operated by multiple Shy Guys, who is the boss of his own castle.
  • Alien Shy Guy - Introduced in Mario Party 8. A Shy Guy from space with an antenna on its head that can give the player some candy if they land on his space in the Bowser's Warped Orbit board. They are lead by the Captain Shy Guy.
Alien Shy Guy.png
  • Introduced in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story / Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey:
    • Sergeant Guy - Acting as Bowser's right-hand man alongside Corporal Paraplonk and Private Goomp as well as the player guide when controlling him in his sections of the story. Later in the game, they commit treason against Bowser after being bribed by Fawful. He and the other subordinates return for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team once again as Bowser's minions.
    • Leaf Guy - A Fly Guy variant that use the leaves sprouting out of their heads as propellers. They assist Wiggler in his boss fight.
    • Fawful Guy - Shy Guys that willingly serve Fawful. They wear special masks that bear Fawful's face. A stronger variant appears later in the game known as Dark Fawful Guy, now wearing purple robes and bearing higher stats.
  • Shy Guy Airtub - Introduced in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. It is comprised of three Shy Guys in control of their own mini-flying airship. Two enhanced versions also exist; one is called the Shy Guy Airtub DX and appears only in the dream world, while the other is the Shy Guy Airtub R, which only appears in Neo Bowser Castle.
Shy Guy Airtub.png
  • Introduced in Paper Mario: Sticker Star:
    • Sombrero Guy - Shy Guys wearing sombreros that play instruments associated with a Mariachi band to heal their party.
    • Clip Guy - Shy Guys armed with giant paperclips that can trap Mario and immobilize him for two turns.
    • Paint Guy - Shy Guys carrying large buckets of paint that they can throw to cover up the screen.
  • Introduced in Yoshi's New Island:
    • Door Heihō - Shy Guys that roam a level carrying a special door containing items for Yoshi to collect.
    • Tree Heihō - Shy Guys that can uproot and move trees. Yoshi must catch it before it leaves the screen as the tree can be used as a platform.
    • Fake Yoshi - A Shy Guy disguised as a Yoshi that the player also controls the same time simultaneously with the real Yoshi.
    • Metal Guy - A Mega Guy made entirely out of metal. If Yoshi eats one, he will lay a Metal Eggdozer.
    • Mega Kantera - A gigantic Lantern Ghost found in Bandit Valley. A metal variant called the Tetu Kantera also appears alongside it.
  • Introduced in Yoshi's Woolly World / Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World:
    • Bomb Guy - Yarn Shy Guys that remain stationary as they throw bombs repeatedly at Yoshi.
    • Hook Guy - Yarn Spear Guys, though brandishing a crochet hook instead of a spear.
    • Pharaoh Guy - Shy Guys dressed as pharaohs that can revive themselves much like a Mummy Guy; however, they can be permanently defeated if hit with a fire attack or if they land on spikes or lava.
  • Introduced in Paper Mario: Color Splash:
    • Slurp Guy - Shy Guys armed with straws to suck up the color out of anything.
    • The Shy Bandit - A unique Shy Guy wearing a masquerade mask over the regular white face mask. He will run to suck up the color of a specific spot with his marker unless Mario can intercept him. If defeated, Mario can use his card for attacks in other battles.
    • Coal Guy - Shy Guys carrying large blocks of coal that can be destroyed with certain cards such as POW Blocks or Fire Flowers.
    • Roller Guy - Shy Guys that ride inside a ring.
    • Soggy Guy - A Shy Guy that has fallen in water, causing all of their color to become blurry and faded.
    • Spike Guy - Shy Guys wearing a spiked helmet.
    • Unicycle Shy Guy - A group of Shy Guys that are riding one unicycle.
  • Captain Shy Guy - Introduced in Minion Quest: The Search for Bowser in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions (not to be confused with the alien captain from Mario Party 8). One of the three protagonists of the mode, alongside Captain Goomba and Captain Boo, who has a dry sense of humor and has a tendency to throw turnips at people that annoy him.
Captain Shy Guy.png
  • Introduced in Yoshi's Crafted World:
    • Bazooka Heyho - Shy Guys armed with bazookas that continuously fire cannonballs at Yoshi.
    • Ninja Guy - Stationary Shy Guys that throw a large shuriken forward in a straight line.
    • Rush Heyho - Shy Guys that rush towards Yoshi while holding a katana.
    • Skall Heyho - Shy Guys that are protected by a giant animal skull. They only appear in the "Dino Smash" level.
    • Vampire Heyho - Black Shy Guys with red capes that swoop in on Yoshi. They only appear in the Haunted Maker Mansion.
    • Zombie Guy - Undead Shy Guys that zombie-walk in one direction. There is also an undead Fat Guy named Zombie Debuho.
  • Paper Macho Shy Guy - Introduced in Paper Mario: The Origami King. They are three-dimensional Shy Guys made of Papier-mâché that like to play soccer instead of going after other characters.
Paper Macho Shy Guy.jpg

In Super Smash Bros. Melee

Their only trophy appearance erroneously refers to the Fly Guys from the Yoshi's Story stage as Shy Guys.

Shy Guy trophy168.jpg

There are many types of Shy Guys: they've been known to walk on the ground, fly through the air, traipse about on stilts, wear flowers or camouflage, throw balls, swing balls, swing bats, sail on pirate ships, carry fruit, do the Bamboo Dance, ride submarines, play guitar, play tennis, wear red, come in large or small sizes, steal people's toys, cause mischief...

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl


Stage Hazards

Shy Guys appear in Mario Circuit racing on the track in the Standard Karts from Mario Kart DS. As such, they can ram into fighters during the match, both on the road on the ground and the ramps in the air. However they can be hit with an attack or item, making them spin out and exit the race for a while.

Trophy Description


A character in a white mask with black eyes and mouth that appears in a number of Mario and Yoshi games. Although Shy Guys' actions are varied--from flying to carrying objects--their true faces are still a mystery. If only for an instant, who wouldn't want to see an unmasked Shy Guy?


No. Name Image Artwork Source Effect Character(s)
066 Snifit
Snifit Sticker.png
Mario Party 3 Arm and Leg Attack +3 Any
087 General Guy
General Guy Sticker.png
Paper Mario Launch Power +31 Any
248 Mace Guy
Mace Guy Sticker.png
Yoshi Topsy-Turvy / Yoshi's Universal Gravitation Weapon Attack +22 Any
249 Shy Guy
Shy Guy Sticker.png
Yoshi's Story Leg Attack +4 Any

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Stage Hazards

Shy Guys resume their Stage Hazard role in both Rainbow Road in the Nintendo 3DS version and in Mario Circuit in the Wii U version. Appropriately, they are driving in the Standard Karts from Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart 8, dependent on which stage they are on. Shy Guys also return in Mario Circuit (Brawl), virtually unchanged.

Smash Run

Shy Guys Smash Run.jpg

Four different colored Shy Guys appear as enemies. Each color represents a different ability; Red Shy Guys have more attack power, Yellow Shy Guys can jump higher, Green Shy Guys can run faster, and Light Blue Shy Guys have higher health. The Stat Boosts they drop is also dependent on the color (Attack, Jump, Speed, and Defense, respectively).

Mii Fighter Costumes

Mii Shy Guy SSB4.jpg

Headgear for the Mii Fighters based on the Shy Guy mask is available in the base game. It can acquired at random with a Custom Part.

Trophy Description (Shy Guy)

3DS Trophy


What hides behind that smooth, white mask? Shy Guys aren't about to show you, that's for sure. In Smash Run, each color of Shy Guy has different characteristics, and the red ones are the best at attacking. They've learned how to deliver a combo of angry punches if they can get close enough!


These bashful baddies are so shy that no one's ever seen their real faces. Since their debut, all kinds of different Shy Guys have come out of the woodwork, and in Smash Run, each colour has its strengths. The red ones are better at attacking and hit you with punch combos. Beat them to get your hands on some Attack stat boosts.

Wii U

Wii U Trophy

These bashful baddies are so shy that no one's ever seen their real faces. They debuted in Doki Doki Panic before becoming a Mario series mainstay when that game was reworked into Super Mario Bros. 2. They come in different colors, each with unique characteristics. Some can walk on stilts; others are always on fire!

Trophy Description (Blue Shy Guy)



These guys are too shy to show you their real faces, so they hide them behind white masks. Some people claim they've seen Shy Guys walking on stilts or even running around on fire! In Smash Run, the blue Shy Guys have better defense than other Shy Guys, but that really isn't saying much...


Just what IS beneath this Shy Guy's mask? Could it be...another mask?! Anyway, Shy Guys come in lots of varieties: some walk on stilts, others are always on fire! In Smash Run, these blue ones have better defence than the others. It's only slightly better, though, so don't worry. Defeat them to get yourself some Defence stat boosts.

Trophy Description (Yellow Shy Guy)



Those white masks are just eerie, but it's possible they are better than what actually hides behind them... Anyway, some people claim to have seen tall Shy Guys with longer masks than normal. In Smash Run, yellow Shy Guys are great jumpers, so they'll drop Jump stat boosts when defeated.


Did you know there are lots of different kinds of Shy Guy, including massive ones with giant masks? In Smash Run, yellow Shy Guys are slightly better at jumping than the others. Sometimes, though, they're just too busy bouncing to attack. Take them down to get Jump stat boosts.

Trophy Description (Green Shy Guy)



Perhaps the white mask just conceals another, whiter mask beneath? There is no way to know, as these shy fellows will never take them off. In Smash Run, the green Shy Guys can run faster than other Shy Guys. You'll have to be quick to catch them, but you'll be rewarded with Speed stat boosts!


Their white masks certainly make them look the same, but on the inside, Shy Guys are very different - some dream of being soldiers or dancers! In Smash Run, the green ones are fast on their feet, so they're quick to close in and hit you with a punch combo. Deal with them to get Speed stat boosts.

Trophy Description (Shy Guy + Standard Kart)



Shy Guy makes his debut as a racer in Mario Kart 7 once you win the 150cc Shell Cup. He's a lightweight racer with superb handling. Watch out for the eight Shy Guys racing around the Rainbow Road stage - they'll happily run you over if you get in their way!


Shy Guy makes his debut as a selectable character in Mario Kart 7, and all you have to do to unlock him is win the 150cc Shell Cup. He's lightweight, like Toad and Koopa, and has excellent handling. The Rainbow Road stage has eight Shy Guys whizzing around the track, so be careful not to get hit, or you'll go speeding off the stage!

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

With the returns of the Figure-8 Circuit and Mario Circuit stages, Shy Guys resume their roles as Stage Hazards once more, with their functions remaining unchanged. The Shy Guy mask for Mii Fighters also returns as part of the base game and can be purchased from the store for 450G.


A Spirit of Shy Guy is available in the base game. It is a Primary Neutral Spirit under the Novice class. Its Spirit Battle uses all three Mii Fighters, each wearing the Shy Guy mask. All three predominantly attack with their Neutral Specials and are easily distracted by the throwing items, which have a high spawn rate. The stage is the Battlefield Form of Mushroom Kingdom II and the song used is "Ground Theme - Super Mario Bros. 2", both of which callback to Shy Guys' debut in Super Mario Bros. 2.

A few variants also have their own Spirits as well, one of which is Bandit. It is a Support Spirit under the Advanced class. Its Spirit Battle uses three Meta Knights (as both are cloaked and masked) and attack by Grabbing and Throwing (referencing Bandit's tendency to steal Baby Mario). The stage is Yoshi's Island and the song used is "Obstacle Course", both of which are a callback to the Bandit's debut in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. A Slugger & Green Glove Spirit is also available, which is a Support Spirit under the Novice class. The Spirit Battle uses Ness and Lucas, due to both boys utilizing baseball-related attacks and weapons. Ness will also start out with a Home-Run Bat and only Beastballs will spawn. The stage and music are also Yoshi's Island and "Obstacle Course" for similar reasons.

Shy Guys are also featured in the Roger the Potted Ghost Spirit, also a Support Spirit under the Advanced class. Its Spirit Battle uses a giant Wii Fit Trainer to represent the Ghost, and two mini Meta Knights to represent the Shy Guy minions. The conditions (Launch resistance, low jump, and high gravity) recreate Roger's boss battle, where Yoshi had to push Roger's pot off of the platform in a game of tug-of-war with the Shy Guys, thus not requiring him to jump. The stage is the Omega Form of Dracula's Castle (meant to resemble The Potted Ghost's Castle) and the song is "Yoshi's Island (Brawl)".

No. Spirit Name Artwork Origin Type Rating Effect Slots / Cost (Supports)
43 Shy Guy Spirit.png Shy Guy Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Neutral Spirit.png Fist Attack ↑ 2
306 Bandit Spirit.png Bandit Yoshi's New Island Support Spirit.png ★★ Item Gravitation 1
307 Slugger and Green Glove Spirit.png Slugger & Green Glove Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Support Spirit.png Beastball Equipped 1
310 Roger the Potted Ghost Spirit.png Roger the Potted Ghost Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 Support Spirit.png ★★ Strong-Wind Resist 1


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