Shin Shoryuken (真・昇龍拳, True Rising Dragon Fist) is Ryu's Final Smash when near the opponent.


Ryu initiates Shin Shoryuken similarly to a standard Shoryuken, but he stuns the opponent quickly and performs two punches before launching them, making the Final Smash a three hit move (four if accounting the purple lightning).

The purple lightning that appears when initiating Shin Shoryuken stuns the opponent (similar to Zelda/Sheik stunning the opponent when initiating Light Arrow) while dealing 1% damage, the two uppercuts deal 10% damage each, and the final hit deals 20% with immense knockback, capping its damage output at 41% damage, making Shin Shoryuken capable of KO'ing as early as 28% and making it deadly on stages with low upper blast lines. However, Shin Shoryuken severely lacks in range, requiring Ryu to literally touch the opponent before initiating, otherwise Ryu will use Shinku Hadoken.

Shin Shoryuken possesses an interesting aesthetic effect that appears if the move possesses enough knockback to KO; in place of the red spark, the final hit's background will be orange to indicate that the Final Smash will KO the opponent, so using Shin Shoryuken on an opponent with 0% damage will not feature the background at the final hit.

Trophy Description

Shin Shoryuken trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Use this attack when Ryu is far away from an enemy to unleash a Shinku Hadoken that penetrates through the stage. But if you use it when Ryu is close to an enemy, he’ll unleash a Shin Shoryuken uppercut attack. When it hits, Ryu will follow up with his other fist and launch the opponent up, up, and away!


The Shin Shoryuken was originally introduced as one of Ryu's Super Moves in Street Fighter III: New Generation, which begins with a hook punch to the gut. An incomplete version appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3 where Ryu would instead perform a sliding elbow strike first before unleashing a Shoryuken if the elbow hit. Additionally it would only transition into the actual Shin Shoryuken if Ryu's elbow struck the opponent on the very last frame of animation. When this Final Smash connects, a bolt of lightning can briefly be seen shooting horizontally across the screen seemingly stunning the opponent. While not an actual part of Shin Shoryuken, this bolt can be seen as a direct homage to the Super Art activation spark effect seen in Street Fighter III: Third Strike. The large "splashes" that are seen upon each hit's impact are lifted from Street Fighter IV, where ink like strokes and splashes are utilized in visuals to depict ki and energy, and emphasize literal martial "arts".

Within the context of its use, this is considered the "true" and "purest" form of the Shoryuken move. While extremely powerful and potentially match ending in an instant, it demands the highest state of focus and opportune window of action to perform for its fullest effect. However, even this mighty attack has its limits, as the titanic Hugo was able to withstand it.

Ken also performs this move in Namco X Capcom. Gouken possesses this move as his first Ultra Combo in Street Fighter IV; Ryu also uses the same animation as Gouken's Shin Shoryuken in his Smash Bros. appearance.

Alternately, Ryu has a darker variant on this super as an Ultra called the "Metsu Shoryuken"; though similar in form, the Metsu Shoryuken is considered a Shoryuken that taps instead into the Satsui no Hado that Ryu struggles with, and its use targets more sensitive and vital points of the body, as well as is performed with indiscriminately harmful force. This move was what Ryu scarred Sagat's chest with, and later served as his second Ultra in Super Street Fighter IV and Kage's Critical Art in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Coming back to the ink themes, the Shoryuken move overall in IV are often depicted with ink like strokes in its more powerful variations, while white ink and black ink are used to represent yin and yang and the intent of their user's drive and morality. In this case, white ink or yang as seen with the regular Shoryuken and Shin Shoryuken indicates quick and "pure" attacks, black ink or yin as seen with the Focus Attack and the Metsu Shoryuken indicates heavy and "brutal" attacks.

Ryu's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Hadoken
Side Special Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
Up Special Shoryuken
Down Special Focus Attack
Final Smash Shin Shoryuken / Shinku Hadoken