Shield damage is an effect that certain attacks in the Super Smash Bros. games have. While they are mostly normal attacks, they deal bonus damage when their hitboxes connect with a shield. For example, Donkey Kong's Headbutt will do more damage to an opponent's shield than his Forward Smash since its hitbox has shield damage, despite the latter containing a much more damaging hitbox. The only attack with significant shield damage in Melee was Marth's Shield Breaker, which when fully charged, could break a full shield. In Brawl, quite a few attacks were given hitboxes with the effect. However, most such attacks do not have a high value for it.

Attacks listed below contain attacks with shield damage. Unless stated otherwise, the entire attack has the effect.

List of shield damage attacks in Super Smash Bros.

List of shield damage attacks in Super Smash Bros. Melee

List of shield damage attacks in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

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  Attack Value
Most characters* Edge attack 1
Floor attack 1
Mario Dash attack 1
Cape 4
Luigi Forward smash 5
Peach Up smash 4
Peach Bomber 6
Bowser Dash attack 1
Whirling Fortress (hit 1) 3
Bowser Bomb (drop and landing) 5
Giga Bowser Neutral attack 5
Forward tilt (angled side) 15
Up tilt 15
Down tilt (hit 1) 10
Down tilt (hit 2) 5
Dash attack (hit 1) 10
Dash attack (hit 2) 3
Up smash 20
Down smash (last hit) 15
Forward smash 20
Neutral air 20
Forward air 20
Back air 20
Up air 20
Whirling Fortress (hit 1) 3
Bowser Bomb (drop and landing) 5
Yoshi Egg Throw (both hits) 5
Ground Pound (drop) 10
Ground Pound (stars) 6
Super Dragon (ram) 6
Super Dragon (fire breath, fireball) 10
Donkey Kong Dash attack 1
Up smash 4
Down smash 1
Side smash 1
Forward air (arms) 1
Giant Punch (not fully charged) 2
Headbutt 30
Spinning Kong (ground hit 1, all air hits) 1
Hand Slap 1
Diddy Kong Forward smash (second hit) 3
Link Clawshot (used in air) 1
Forward throw (hit 1) 1
Back throw (hit 1) 1
Down throw (hit 1) 1
Jigglypuff Forward throw (hit 1) 1
Pound 20
Marth Shield Breaker (not fully charged) 42
Shield Breaker (fully charged) 40
Dancing Blade (second hit low, third hit,
fourth hit high, some of fourth hit low)
Dancing Blade (fourth hit side) 5
Ike Forward tilt 1
Eruption (uncharged) 1
Eruption (fully charged) 30
Mr. Game & Watch Dash attack 1
Judgement (#3) 25
Fan Neutral swing
Tilt swing
Dash swing
Smash swing
Mr. Saturn Thrown 42

* Yoshi's edge attacks do not do shield damage.

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