Shellpod (シェリー Sherī, Shelly in Japan) is an enemy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary and first appears in The Forest level. It resembles a large brown stag beetle. It walks around and tries to stab enemies with its horn. When it has taken enough damage, its shell breaks, revealing it to be an aquamarine, banana-shaped creature. Upon being revealed, it gives a high pitched bellow. It is weakened without its shell, so a few more hits defeats it. It is also unable to cause any damage to other enemies, only able to push them away with its headbutt.

The Shellpod's two trophies can only be captured if a Trophy Stand is used against the corresponding form.

Name origin

Shellpod's name is an obvious combination of the words shell and pod, describing how the creature's shell is also a mobile pod.

Trophies' description

With Armor

An enemy reminiscent of a horned beetle. A Shellpod can exhibit extraordinary destructive power thanks to the strength generated in its beefy front legs and its threatening long horn. Taking a hit from this bad boy spells trouble. But what's the deal with the color difference between the Shellpod's legs and shell? Hmmm... Therein lies a seeeeeecret.

Without Armor

Extensive damage to a Shellpod will reveal its true form and uncover the big secret--it was the ARMOR that made the Shellpod look like a beetle! Well, no wonder the shelled creature had such funny-looking legs! But even without its armor and horn, this weaker Shellpod will still bring the thunder, just slightly less threatening thunder.