This article is about Sheik's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For other uses, see Sheik.
Now Sheik joins the battle wearing the Sheikah costume from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Keep the pressure on your opponent by using his speedy dash to quickly close in on (or get away from) your opponent!
—Description from the Super Smash Blog.

Sheik is a veteran fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, first playable in Super Smash Bros. Melee. She was confirmed to return on June 12, 2018 during E3 2018.

When unlocked, she is fought at Gerudo Valley.



  • Excellent mobility, both on the ground and in the air.
  • Top notch combo game, with lots of options for comboing opponents.
  • Excellent frame data overall; most attacks have little startup or end lag.
  • High jump height.
  • Has an extremely low crouch and crawl, making it one of the more useful crawls.
  • Both Vanish and Bouncing Fish serve as good recovery options.
  • Needle Storm and Burst Grenade are effective at harassing opponents from long distances.


  • Fast falling speed makes her susceptible to combos and juggling.
  • Tall frame and extremely light weight gives her awful survivability.
  • Few kill options outside of smash attacks, Vanish, and Bouncing Fish.
  • Low range and power on many attacks.
  • Has arguably the worst KO power in the entire game, often leaving opponents at very high percentages.


Changes from SSBWU/3DS


  • Like several of the other Zelda characters, Sheik's design has been updated once again, now wearing the Sheikah costume from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
  • Has a new final smash; instead of firing her Light Arrow, she now has her own unique final smash known as Sheikah Dance.

Ground Attacks

Aerial Attacks

Grabs and Throws

Special Attacks

  • Burst Grenade side special no longer puts Sheik into helpless state.


  • Sheik can crawl, wall cling, and wall jump.

Ground Attacks


  • Neutral Attack: Does an inward knifehand strike and an upward knifehand strike followed by a barrage of knifehand strikes that ends with a palm thrust. Extremely fast startup, but lacks reasonable KO power.
  • Forward Tilt (Cycle Kick): A roundhouse kick. Can combo into itself repeatedly and other aerials.
  • Up Tilt: Performs a stretch kick that transitions to an axe kick. Can combo into other aerials.
  • Down Tilt: A legsweep. Has great combo potential into other tilt attacks, aerials, and even up smash.
  • Dash Attack: Lunges to perform an outward fanning knifehand strikes with both of her arms. Has fast startup, but lacks combo potential.

Smash Attacks

  • Forward Smash: A roundhouse kick followed by a spinning side kick. One of Sheik's strongest attacks, but it is among the weakest forward smashes.
  • Up Smash (Razor Wing): Raises her arms overhead and then quickly swings them downward to perform outward fanning knifehand strikes. Sheik's strongest attack overall, but unlike most of her attacks, has moderately high end lag.
  • Down Smash: A modified butterfly kick performed from the windmill (a breakdancing move). Has below average power for a down smash but is decently fast.

Other attacks

  • Floor Attack (Front): Kneels and performs a palm thrust in front of herself, and then behind herself.
  • Floor Attack (Back): A kick-up transitioned into a double-footed scorpion kick.
  • Floor Attack (Trip): Squats on one leg and performs a spinning roundhouse kick.
  • Edge Attack: Performs a corkscrew dropkick while climbing up.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral aerial: A flying kick. Good for edgeguarding due to its long lasting hitbox.
  • Forward aerial (Hatchet): A lunging, downward knifehand strike. Has excellent combo potential and can combo into itself and other moves such as Bouncing Fish.
  • Back aerial: A high-angled back kick. One of the fastest back airs in the game and can edgeguard opponents effectively despite its below average power.
  • Up aerial: A diagonal, corkscrew flying kick. Has respectable KO power near the top blast zone and is useful for performing drag down combos.
  • Down aerial: A downward diagonal flying kick. A stall-then-fall aerial that can meteor smash opponents during its beginning. One of Sheik's worst moves as it has high landing lag with no combo potential. If used offstage, Sheik is almost guaranteed to self destruct.

Grabs and Throws

  • Grab: Reaches out. Very short range.
  • Pummel: A knee strike.
  • Forward Throw: The tie shan kao (a technique used in Bajiquan). Can combo into aerials and Bouncing Fish.
  • Back Throw: Throws opponent behind herself and performs a mid-level side kick. The weakest back throw in the entire game.
  • Up Throw: A handstand kick. Sheik's strongest, but least useful throw, as it still cannot KO opponents until well over 200%.
  • Down Throw: A collar drag takedown followed by a somersault axe kick. Can combo into up air and other moves at low percentages.

Special Moves

Sheik's Special Moves
Melee Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Needle Storm
Side Special Chain Burst Grenade
Up Special Vanish
Down Special Transform Bouncing Fish
Final Smash Light Arrow Sheikah Dance


  • Up Taunt: Performs the pike, a breakdancing move.
  • Down Taunt: A modified version of the age uke, a blocking technique in Japanese martial arts.
  • Side Taunt: Pulls out the tripwire she uses for Burst Grenade and stretches it out, causing a "twang" sound.

On-Screen Appearance

Appears from a Deku Nut's explosion while briefly emanating blue wisps.

Idle Poses

  • Rears back her left hand up to her face, then quickly swings it outward.
  • Performs a modified passé.

Victory Poses

  • Left: Kicks once (similar to her forward tilt), spins on the ground (similar to her down smash), then poses with her arms blocking her face.
  • Up: Crouches, swipes with her hand twice, then stands up while rearing back her right hand up to her face.
  • Right: Performs the fumikomi geri[3] (a stomp-style kick in karate), followed by a mid-level side kick, and then exhales loudly before performing the tate shuto uke[4] (a blocking technique in Shotokan).

In competitive play

When Ultimate first came out, many top players, including ZeRo and Void, said that Sheik is no where near as good as she was in Sm4sh, due to significant nerfs in her damage output, which was already lacking. Thus, Sheik was nonexistent in Ultimate's early meta.

However, VoiD and other Sheik players have noticeably started playing Sheik again, leading to a resurgence in her representation. While playing Sheik again, VoiD has placed 9th at Glitch 7 - Minus World, defeating players such as Yeti and LeoN (albeit defeating LeoN using mainly Pichu) and 5th at Mainstage, defeating MVD, Muteace, and most notably Salem, while also taking MKLeo to game 5. VoiD has expressed interest in mainly using solo Sheik and plans to do so. VoiD has also said that Sheik is still a high tier character, and he is the only notable NA Sheik player with plentiful results. Additionally, game updates have provided Sheik with a useful amount of buffs and most professional players agree that Sheik is a solid high tier character with top tier potential.

Classic Mode: Masquerade

Sheik's opponents are characters who wear masks or other forms of headwear to conceal their identity.

Role in World of Light

Although Sheik does not appear in the World of Light opening cutscene, she was vaporized and later imprisoned alongside the rest of the fighters (sans Kirby) when Galeem unleashed his beams of light.

During the mode itself, Sheik can be unlocked early on shortly after rescuing Mario, where the player arrives at a crossroads and has the choice to rescue her, Marth or Villager. If one of the others is rescued first, Sheik's path will be blocked by a force field created by Master Hand, which will disappear upon defeating a boss or can be circumvented by looping back to the other side.

Sheik has a separate awakening battle from Zelda, who appears in the opening cutscene.

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