Shadow Sneak (かげうち Kage Uchi?, lit. "Shadow Strike") is Greninja's Side Special Move. Greninja disappears in a flash of smoke and reappears somewhere else, similar to Sheik's Vanish.


How far Greninja goes is dependent on how long the move is charged, and Greninja can charge it while moving, Greninja can also attack the opponent when he reappears. Since Greninja does not look any different than usual while charging, the only way to see how far you will move is to watch for Greninja's shadow, which moves to your new location.

Greninja's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Water Shuriken
Side Special Shadow Sneak
Up Special Hydro Pump
Down Special Substitute
Final Smash Secret Ninja Attack

Custom Variations

The move can be customized to Shadow Strike or Shadow Dash.

Shadow Strike

Shadow Strike is similar to Shadow Sneak, however, when Greninja reappears, it will deliver a damaging backflip, doing severe damage and knockback to anyone who is caught in the wake. It does more damage if you come up behind the opponent.

Shadow Dash

When using Shadow Dash the distance is predetermined and so is automatic rather than requiring the holding down of the button. Due to this, the damage it does is reduced slightly, but does have a little bit of knockback. If you go through the opponent, you will do 1% more damage than if you appear between you and the opponent.

Greninja's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Stagnant Shuriken Shifting Shuriken
Side Special Shadow Strike Shadow Dash
Up Special High-Capacity Pump Single-Shot Pump
Down Special Exploding Attack Substitute Ambush


In Pokemon, Shadow Sneak is a move learned by Greninja (as well as other Pokemon) when it levels up to LV. 23. It has increased priority. In this move, the user disappears then reappears behind their opponent and attacks, just like in Smash Bros.

Sableye (a Pokemon) using Shadow Sneak on another Pokemon (Blaziken).

Sableye sneaks up behind Blaziken.