Sector Z is a default stage appearing in Super Smash Bros. based on the Star Fox 64 level Sector Z. This stage did not return in Melee but a similar stage atop the Great Fox appeared, Corneria. In the 1-Player mode the player fights Fox on this stage. This is the largest stage appearing in Super Smash Bros.

The Great Fox is the only platform on this stage but it has three different terrain levels. The front two-thirds of the ship are the first terrain with the tip of the wing acting as a good vantage point for projectile throwing. The back third of the ship near the engines and the Arwing bay is another terrain with the left wall being a good place to rack combos on another player. Finally the guns on the bottom-left of the ship are a platform which is best used if knocked of the left side of the stage. Its best to avoid this platform though because it is usually very difficult to get back to the top of the ship.

Occasionally in this stage, Arwing fighters will fire at the players, causing significant damage/flight time. Also, a character standing on a fighter may be KO'd if the fighter flies offscreen to the top or side. The main guns of the Great Fox will also fire on rare occasion.

Star Fox references

There are numerous references to the Star Fox series in this level. Commonly seen ships in the game, the Wolfen and Arwing, can be seen in the background. As mentioned earlier Sector Z is a level in Star Fox 64, the fifth level when taking the hard path. The level takes place in a nebulae en route to Venom when the Star Fox team and the Great Fox is ambushed by Andross' fighters who have a weapon never seen before, missiles. These missiles also appear in the background of the stage. The player must protect the Great Fox in this level from enemy fighters and missiles hits. Sector Z was also a multiplayer level in Star Fox 64. This area was probably chosen for the setting of this stage because it is the only stage where the Great Fox is prominently seen in its normal form and the Great Fox acts as a great platform.

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