The Sea of Clouds is a level in the Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.



The cutscene starts off with Kirby and Zelda/Peach riding their star throughout the sky. They then bounce off the Halberd. The player has to chose to play as Kirby or Zelda/Peach.

The has to walk across the Halberd, this is a safe place where you can't even die.


In the next cutscene, the Arwing is weaving its way through a ton of gunfire from the Halberd. An extendable claw like machine sends itself at the ship and connects with it. The ship is in a crash course with Zelda/Peach/Kirby and apparently barely missed, but the wind was so strong from the ship it sent your characters a mile away.

As Kirby and Zelda/Peach fall through the clouds the player get to pick one of them again. Pick either one you want and lets start.

Head to the right when the stage starts. You will run across a couple enemies and then some blocks that you can break by just hitting them. Continue on. You will then weave back and forth a bit until you see a green cube on the right that you can grab. Keep heading left and down and meet a new enemy called the Poppant. Not really an enemy as it drops good things, but it runs away when you get close. It's similar to Santa Clause.

Continue left and meet a Feyesh. A fish like thing that attacks with its tentacles. Treat it like a Spaak and rush it mid air to kill it. Keep left and you meet another new enemy called a Towtow. It stays sleeping until it gets hit by either you or an enemy. So while it's sleeping charge up your strongest attack and let it rip. It has a lot of health, but just keep jumping in the air and do mid air attacks to kill it after it wakes up.

Continue left and you will run into some breakable blocks in mid air. Don't destroy them and instead climb them to a hidden door up above. Enter. You will find a couple of green cubes for your own pleasure. Steal their contents and head back through the door and continue down and left. Get rid of the enemies you see otherwise they are going to chase you to some breakable blocks and probably attack you there all grouped together. So be smart and stay in school or get rid of them early. It's your choice. I prefer SSBB and no school, but that's just me. Break the blocks and continue on down the path. If you keep heading right you can grab a random item or just continue on down the path going left. It's your choice. Drop down and head right and sprint to a door at the end and enter it.

Head to the right. Get rid of the Spaak's before there are too many and they can rack up some serious damage. When you see the arrow pointing left ignore it and go right down into the pit. You won't die. Trust me. You will find a green cube playing hiding and seek from you apparently so announce that you found it and go back up and left following that arrow. You will come to a forced battle with a portal and some little things called Mites. They may be easily defeated on their own, but when the portal spits out 10 of them you will start thinking otherwise. Just start hitting that portal until it's defeated so it stops bringing out more Mites.

Get rid of the rest of those little annoying things and continue left. You see that dirt falling above your head? Yeah, that's a good sign to move away from that spot otherwise a big rock will come down on top of your head to say hello for a cup of tea. Continue left and hopefully you are Kirby right now and climb those platforms trying to dodge those enemies on top of them. Keep climbing them and you will find a green cube at the top. Now head down. You will be sent into a forced battle with a portal sending out mites and some Glunders. Destroy the portal right away and take care of enemies until it lets you proceed to the right. More of the same from above with the falling rocks and other enemies. At the end of the path to the right you will meet another Greap this time. Again just try to rush its weak point and attack it as fast as you can while air dodging those huge axes. Enter the gold door to complete this stage!


If you missed any items you need to get in order to complete the stage 100%, you should return as a character who can fly, like Pit or Meta Knight.

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