This stage is a continuation of the Skyworld stage, playable with Kirby and Peach/Zelda (depends on which princess you save on the first level). You have to progress to the earth's surface while taking on the Subspace Army. Varieties of Primids, Mites, Spaaks, and other lesser Subspace enemies must be fought here. This stage also introduces Subspace Portals, which spawn hoards of weak Subspace enemies infinitely until a player destroys them. The ones in this level will spawn Mites, annoying stick-figure type enemies, who appear in groups and impede your path using very acrobatic styled attacks. There are no rewards for completing this level.


If you missed any items you need to get in order to complete the stage 100%, you should return as a character who can fly, like Pit or Meta Knight.

Other Facts

  • While on this stage, it plays the Skyworld theme from Kid Icarus.
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