A Scope Primid (バズーカプリム Bazūka Purimu, Bazooka Prim in Japan) is a type of Primid that appears in The Subspace Emissary story of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, except that it carries a primitive looking Super Scope. It uses two different kinds of scope attacks, three uncharged shots and one fully charged shot. These attacks can be reflected, and Lucas or Ness players can simply regain their health by using PSI Magnet (Given that a Scope Primid is the only enemy present). At lower difficulties, the Scope Primids are very unreactive and fiddle about with the gun rather than attacking, and rarely use the charge shot. On higher difficulties, their perceptiveness enhances and they attack from a longer range with faster fire rate. Despite the increase in shots made, the reload times are still spread apart. They can also shoot upwards. Also, if a Scope Primid is on a slope, despite the gun's barrel pointing in the direction of the slope also, the bullets still travel only horizontally and vertically. To turn one into a trophy, it's best to go on a lower difficulty and capture one as it reloads. If playing on a higher one, you may want to short-hop the shots and throw whilst jumping. They should not need weakening.

Trophy description

Scope Primid Trophy


A bazooka-wielding Primid. A Scope Primid uses weak, three-shot attacks and powerful, single-shot surge cannons. Due to its ability to also fire at targets above its position, you can't play it safe when a Scope Primid is down below you. Probably because of the weight of its weapon, it won't use its bazooka for direct strikes.