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SLAPASTICK is a SSBM glitch discovered by the SLAPAHO team on February 3, 2008. It was first performed by accident and more is still being discovered about it.

The glitch involves a thrown Lip's Stick remaining in the air and keeping its hitbox. The SLAPASTICK will remain in place until the end of the match. It can be air grabbed and moved to another spot where it will continue to behave as a SLAPASTICK. When holding a SLAPASTICK, the item behaves as normal Lip's Stick until thrown. As of March 31, the leading theory is that the Lip's Stick must be grabbed in the frame before it disappears. When this happens, the SLAPASTICK enters a kind of limbo where it isn't supposed to be on the screen, but still is.

The glitch was discovered during a training match for the SLAPAHO team. Aaron Kirschner was playing Marth and Ax was playing Roy against a team of two Mr. Game & Watches. Kirschner was fighting one of the Game & Watches over a Lip's Stick. After he got it, he tried throwing it and the team discovered the SLAPASTICK.

The SLAPASTICK might corrupt game memory. Less than 12 hours after performing the glitch, SLAPAHO's main memory card became corrupted and had to be formatted.

The glitch has also been achieved by Altair515. In his case, it only worked for Marth and Game & Watch as well. However, when tried using Samus and Link instead of Marth, the game froze.

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