The Rush Coil (ラッシュコイル Rasshu Koiru) is Mega Man's Up Special Move. Mega Man calls his faithful sidekick Rush to the stage, using the spring in his back to recover vertically.


Rush stays on screen for a brief moment before disappearing. It can then be used by other characters, similar to Sonic's Spring Jump or to Pac-Man's trampoline from his Pac-Jump. The move can be customized to Beat and Tornado Hold.

Mega Man's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Metal Blade
Side Special Crash Bomber
Up Special Rush Coil
Down Special Leaf Shield
Final Smash Mega Legends


Rush Cancelling

A technique known as 'Rush Cancelling' can be employed to help Mega Man escape from attacks that trap opponents while multi-hitting. It involves using the Rush Coil move while taking damage from attacks of said nature. Once it has been moved, Mega Man will no longer take any more damage from the attack and will be launched out of the attack's hitboxes. This does not work for Final Smashes. This was removed in a later patch of Smash 4.

Trophy Description

Rush Coil Trophy

Rush Coil

A faithful robotic dog created by Dr. Light, he can transform into vehicles and even fuse with Mega Man. You can use Mega Man's up special to call Rush to your side, bouncing off his built-in spring and flying high into the air. Rush will hang around for a bit, so spring up again if you want!

  • NES - Mega Man 3 (11/1990)


In Mega Man 3, the game in which Rush made his first appearance, Mega Man uses the Rush Coil to help him reach higher places.