Rumble Falls is a stage for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, based off the Donkey Kong franchise, specifically Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat for the GameCube. On the bottom half, the stage resembles its namesake from that game, Rumble Falls, and at the top, it resembles another Jungle Beat stage, Sky Garden. It was revealed on Smash Bros. DOJO!! on July 23, 2007.[1]

Similar in concept to Icicle Mountain from Super Smash Bros. Melee, Rumble Falls requires the characters to climb upwards on a series of platforms until they reach the top, once the top is reached the stage background fades into the starting waterfall and restarts itself. Randomly throughout the stage a flashing warning sign that reads "SPEED UP!" appears and the stage scrolls quicker. There are ladders in the level that characters are able to climb, which is a feature new to Brawl. The stage also features buttons at various locations which activate traps.

There are spikes throughout the level which, if hit do damage. The first lone spike has enough knockback to KO at 0% (Unless Teched).

The stage will not show the "SPEED UP!" warning while a Smash Ball appears.

Songs in My Music

  • Jungle Level Ver. 2
  • Jungle Level
  • King K. Rool/Ship Deck 2
  • Bramble Blast
  • Battle for Storm Hill
  • DK Jungle Theme 1 (Barrel Blast)
  • The Map Page/Bonus Level

Song in bold must be unlocked


  • When playing as the Pokemon Trainer, the Pokemon Trainer seems to teleport around, even though it's not shown how he does so. Similar effects occur during the Subspace Emissary.
  • This is the second largest moving stage in brawl because when characters get to the top, the stage restarts at the bottom of the waterfall while the Mushroomy Kingdom has no end. Rumble Falls does.

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