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The Rules is set of options available in Versus Mode in all of the Super Smash Bros. games. It allows a selection of the rules for a match before the fight itself. Shaded areas represent an option that first must be unlocked, in which the criteria to unlock it can be view by hovering over the shaded region.


Rule Description SSB64 Icon.png SSBM Icon.png SSBB Icon.png SSB4-3 Icon.png SSB4-U Icon.png
Rule: Time In a time match, each fighter gains a one point for each KO and loses one point for each fall. The fighter/team with the most amount of points when the timer runs out is the winner. The length of a match can be set to any whole number of minutes from 1 to 99, as well as infinite time for an endless brawl. YesY YesY YesY YesY YesY
Rule: Stock Each fighter begins with a set amount of lives, which goes down by one each time they are KO'd. The last player or team standing is the winner. The amount of lives each fighter starts with can be set from 1 to 99. YesY YesY YesY YesY YesY
Rule: Coin In a Coin Battle, attacking a player makes them drop Smash coins. The amount of currency a fighter drops depends on the strength of the attack. The fighter or team with the most coins when time runs out is the winner. NoN YesY YesY NoN YesY
Rule: Bonus Instead of KOing other fighters to compete for the most points, the winner of a Bonus match is determined by the amount of points a fighter have obtained via bonuses. NoN YesY NoN NoN NoN
  • Changes knockback given and received from each attack, ranging on a scale from 1 to 9. SSB64 Icon.pngSSBM Icon.png
  • Sets each player's damage percentage at the beginning of each stock, ranging from 0% to 300%, in increments of 10%. SSBB Icon.pngSSB4 Icon.png

Setting this to Auto sets each player's handicap based on previous wins and losses.

YesY YesY YesY YesY YesY
Damage Ratio Sets how much knockback is received from attacks. The higher the number, the further the player will be launched. Players can set the ratio from .5 to 2.0., in increments of .1. The default ratio is 1.0. YesY YesY YesY YesY YesY
Stage Choice: Choose Any player can select the stage to play on. YesY[1] YesY YesY YesY YesY
Stage Choice: Random Stages will be picked randomly. YesY[1] YesY YesY YesY YesY
Stage Choice: Turns Players take turns to choose stages, starting with Player 1. NoN YesY YesY YesY YesY
Stage Choice: Ordered Stages are played in a set order. NoN YesY YesY YesY YesY
Stage Choice: Loser's Pick The loser of the last match gets to pick the next stage. NoN YesY YesY YesY YesY
Item Switch Sets which items can appear in the match. The item spawn rate can be set to None, Low, Medium, or High. Melee also includes the choices of "Very Low" and "Very High". YesY YesY YesY YesY [2] YesY
Character customization Sets whether or not customized fighters can be used. NoN NoN NoN YesY YesY


  1. 1.0 1.1 Known as the "Stage Select" option in Super Smash Bros. Setting this option on "ON" allows the player to freely choose a stage, while setting it to "OFF" will pick a stage randomly.
  2. Not able to select the overall rate.

More Rules

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, the More Rules section must be unlocked by getting a total of 200 KOs in Vs. Mode matches.

Rule Description SSB64 Icon.png SSBM Icon.png SSBB Icon.png SSB4-3 Icon.png SSB4-U Icon.png
Stock & Time Sets the time limit for stock matches. NoN YesY YesY YesY YesY
Team Attack Sets whether or not fighters on the same team can damage each other. Disabled by default. YesY YesY[1] YesY YesY YesY
Pause Function Sets whether or not players can pause in the middle of a match. NoN YesY YesY YesY YesY
Score Display Sets whether or not to displays each fighters' scores on the screen in a timed match. Disabled by default. NoN YesY YesY YesY YesY
SD Penalty Selects how many points a fighter loses upon self-destructing: 1 point, 2 points or no points. NoN YesY[2] NoN YesY [3] YesY [3]
Damage Gauge Set whether or not to display the damage percentage of each fighter on the screen. Enabled by default. NoN NoN YesY YesY YesY
Random Stage Switch Sets which stages can be chosen when the stage choice is set to Random. Available only when all playable stages are unlocked. NoN YesY YesY YesY YesY


  1. Known as "Friendly Fire" in Melee.
  2. Known as "Self-Destruct" in Melee.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Cannot choose 0 points.