Roturret (デスポッド, Death Pod in Japan) is an enemy in the Subspace Emissary and first appears in the Skyworld level. It is a stationary turret that rotates from its center, shooting at the player. There is what resembles a skull in the center. It spins around and loses its aim on the player if it is attacked. In total, a Roturret shoots six laser shots towards the player, which can be reflected back. The turrets are spaced far enough that even though if it's pointing right at a target, the shots can actually miss as they go past either side of the character. This makes a fully charged Up smash good for dealing with them. Attacks that hit multiple times are also good for dealing with Roturret, as when the Roturret is attacked it will turn clockwise, and is unable to attack until it takes aim again. if you stand a while on the same place he can't shoot you because he has no cannon in the middle.

Name origin

Roturret's name is a combination of the words rotate and turret, based on how it moves in circles to take aim and fires ammunition like a turret gun.

Trophy description

Roturret's trophy

An enemy with a skeletal face at the center of its inner section that deals damage with a rotating attack. Despite a 360-degree attack range, it has a blind spot between its two cannons. It spins toward characters and shoots three shots at a time, spraying spent shells and occasionally reloading. This foe is pretty smart--it'll cease fire when you put up your guard.

In Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U

Roturret in Smash Run.

Roturret returns as a common enemy for Smash Run.

Trophy Description

This enemy from the Subspace Army in Super Smash Bros. Brawl hangs in the air and fires at fighters with its two cannons. The last of the three pairs of shots it fires has much higher launching capabilities, so watch out! Hitting it between the two cannons can disrupt its firing--or even completely destroy it!


  • If the Roturret is the only enemy left in The Canyon, and goes to the top parts of the stage, it turns itself three times, then start shooting for no reason.
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