A Roturret.

Roturret is an enemy in the Subspace Emissary. It is a stationary turret that rotates from its center, shooting at your character. There is what resembles a skull in the center. They spin around and lose their aim on you if they are attacked, so a constant stream of attacks such as Utilt on the ground beneath it is a good strategy to avoid damage from it. In total a Roturret shoots six laser shots towards your character. Turning a Roturret into a charracter may be a little tricky. Weaken it avoiding it's shots. Then before its charging its next attack, throw your Trophy Stand towards the Roturret.

Trophy Description

An enemy with a skeletal face at the center of its inner section that deals damage with a rotating attack. Despite a 360-degree attack range, it has a blind spot between its two cannons. It spins toward characters and shoots three shots at a time, spraying spent shells and occasionally reloading. This foe is pretty smart--it'll cease fire when you put up your guard.

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