This article is about Rosalina & Luma's appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. For other uses, see Rosalina.

Rosalina & Luma (ロゼッタ&チコ, Rozetta & Chiko) are a newcomer duo in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. They were announced on December 18, 2013 during a Nintendo Direct, which coincided with Rosalina's reveal in Mario Kart 8. Rosalina can fight on her own as well as with the help of a Luma.

She currently ranks 5th on the tier list. Despite being tall and floaty, she has many rapid, high-range attacks that have high priority. Luma also serves as a powerful tool that can protect Rosalina, and if used properly the two can attack simultaneously in different areas, setting up a massive amount of combo options.



  • Many multi-hit attacks that traps opponents at ease, which also allows her to pull many true combos.
  • High range on many attacks.
  • High priority moves.
  • High traction, making her foxtrotting very useful.
  • Very floaty, having great air time which combined with her long-lasting hitboxes makes her a powerful fighter in the air.
  • All attacks that involve her creating mini-galaxies have transcendent priority.
  • Can rack up damage really fast when attacking together with Luma. This also makes the player to cover many angles with a large array of active hitboxes.
  • Can use Luma to attack enemies from afar, and also synchronize attacks with it. This also allows both Rosalina and Luma engage multiple opponents at different ranges.
  • Luma can still protect Rosalina from incoming attacks even if she is under the effects of a sleeping item/ability such as Jigglypuff's Sing or stunned from a broken shield.
  • Luma can serve as a damage sponge and meatshield to protect Rosalina from incoming attacks and grabs.
  • Rosalina and Luma have some different attacks for the same commands, resulting in a very unpredictable pattern of attack.
  • Great zoning game and mindgames.
  • Powerful edgeguarding.
  • Excellent recovery with Launch Star, that can be aimed at different angles.
  • Luma respawns after 13 seconds if KO'ed.
  • Has ranged projectile protection with Gravitational Pull; as a result, only indirect projectiles like explosions will harm her.


  • Fifth lightest character in the game, being easy to launch.
  • Very floaty, meaning she is very susceptible to combos from faster characters.
  • Third tallest character in the game after Bowser and Ganondorf, giving her larger hurtboxes.
  • Very high learning curve, requiring players to learn both Rosalina and Luma's movesets in order to unleash full potential.
  • Requires micromanagements.
  • Controlling Luma takes time to master, specially for new players.
  • Predictable recovery which can be a little hard to control.
  • Too dependable on Luma for some attacks.
  • Luma can't be shielded unless it's right beside Rosalina.
  • Luma gets stunned with fair ease, meaning it won't react to the player's commands.
  • Luma can be easily KO'ed, reducing the potential of Rosalina's KO potential drastically until Luma respawns. Luma's respawn time is 13 seconds.
  • Cannot deal with faster enemies who can pressure her and interrupt attacks well.


Rosalina's stats by Kurogane Hammer

Rosalina and Luma are classified as a Heavy Zoning and Tag Team character, relying on pressuring opponents from afar as well as from different positions to maximize damage.

Rosalina is a lightweight and floaty character, making her rather easy to KO. On the other hand, her attack range benefits from her tall height, and her decent traction and dashing speeds give her decent ground mobility.

Rosalina's attacks are extremely powerful offensively, having high priority and disjointed range. These attacks make it useful for racking up damage and deal immense knockback to the opponent. These traits are reflected in her aerials, dash attack, and smash attack. In addition, her grab and throws are extremely reliable for mix-ups and combos.

Her most unique mechanic, following the trend established by the Ice Climbers, is her Luma. Because Luma mimics the attacks of Rosalina, this makes it possible for them to attack from two different positions, or remain by her side and amplify her attacks. Overall, this gives Rosalina a potent defensive game and numerous combo possibilities. In addition, because Luma remains unaffected by status effects, this makes it near impossible to punish Rosalina due to Luma being able to fend off opponents.

Rosalina's Special Moves reflect her defensive and playstyle. Luma Shot is a versatile move that sends Luma to a different position while ramming opponents, or calls back the Luma for defensive purposes. Star Bits is a useful tool for spacing due to its disjointed hitbox. Launch Star covers a considerable distance and can be angled, giving Rosalina a flexible recovery, though cannot attack due to lacking a hitbox.. Gravitational Pull is Rosalina's most defensive move, being capable of nullifying projectiles, completely negating other zoning characters' attacks and infamously gimping PK Thunder.

Rosalina has a few notable weaknesses as well to compensate. She is extremely susceptible to being KO'd due to her lightweight and floaty status. Most importantly, Luma can only take up to 50% damage before being defeated, requiring Rosalina to attack on her own, drastically weakening the knockback of her attacks and negating Luma Shot and Star Bits. Because of the 13 second respawn time, this is enough time for an opponent to KO Rosalina. In addition, Luma cannot act out of a tumble unless landing on ground, so simply knocking Luma off-stage will inevitably KO it. The only opponents Rosalina has trouble dealing with are those with fast attacks or are proficient in pressuring.

Her high learning curve comes with the fact that her micromanagement forces the player to be always aware of Rosalina's position, Luma's position, Luma's position compared to Rosalina, and the enemy's position. A prudent Rosalina player will be able to tell when she needs Luma beside her and when she can launch Luma to put pressure and zone the enemy. The player must also be able to use Luma to Rosalina's advantage when she's grabbed; Luma can easily interrupt grabs and throws and frustrate opponents that rely on throws to do follow ups. Mastering these steps grants Rosalina incredible versatility and flexibility, allowing the player to pull a variety of mindgames on the enemy.


Ground Attacks


  • Jab: Rosalina swings her wand around damaging the enemy in front of her. Luma punches and kicks the area in front of it. It can also spin if the Jab command is held longer.
    • Rosalina's damage: 2% first, 3% second, 3% final. If held, 2% each hit, 3% final.
    • Luma's damage: 2% first, 2% second, 4% final. If held, 1% each hit, 3% final.
  • Side Tilt: Spins around and strikes with cosmic energy from her dress. Luma does a sweep kick in front of it, turning to the side the kick was performed.
    • Rosalina's damage: 6%
    • Luma's damage: 4%
  • Up Tilt: A halo appears above her. Can only hurt people directly above her. Has a really good knockback with KO probability at around 120%. Luma performs a dragon punch upwards which can launch enemies at low percentages if sweetspotted (the sweetspot being at the very beginning of the attack).
    • Rosalina's damage: 8%
    • Luma's damage: 4% (8% sweetspotted, 3% sourspotted).
  • Down Tilt: Crouches and kicks in front of her. Luma does a headbutt diagonally down towards the direction the input was done (if not sparkling), which can turn it around with ease. Has good range for a tilt and good knockback for a keep away game.
    • Rosalina's damage: 4%
    • Luma's damage: 3%
  • Dash Attack: Swoops downward and uppercuts with her wand. Luma dashes forward in a semi-circle motion, knocking enemies upwards.
    • Rosalina's damage: 3% first, 4% second.
    • Luma's damage: 3%

Smash Attacks

  • Side Smash: Thrusts her wand and Luma forward, emitting a miniature spiral galaxy in front of her hands. This is a multi-hit attack that can be used from two different places if Luma is away from Rosalina. The galaxy can be angled, being notable for being able to hit the middle platforms of Battlefield if tilted upwards.
    • Rosalina's damage: 12%
    • Luma's damage: 7%
  • Up Smash: Rosalina bends her body backward, striking with her wand in an arc, while Luma kicks into the air in front of it. A small, colorful swish is emitted right above Rosalina's wand as she bends back. This is her best KO move with a really good priority.
    • Rosalina's damage: 12%
    • Luma's damage: 6%
  • Down Smash: Sweeps with her legs from front to back, similar to Zelda's Down Smash, while emitting a miniature spiral galaxy to the right and left. Luma attacks in the same way, but sweeping from back to front instead. Can combo an enemy by hitting him with both characters. It also can be cancelled into any Tilt or even a Grab.
    • Rosalina's damage: 7% first, 9% second.
    • Luma's damage: 4% first, 5% second

Other attacks

To be added

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Air: Rosalina performs a frontflip which hits everything at her heels' range, getting good knockback at the last 1/3 of the animation. Luma strikes forward and then backwards following Rosalina.
    • Rosalina's damage: 6% on the first 2/3 of the attack, 10% on the last third.
    • Luma's damage: 4% first, 3% second.
  • Up Air: A halo appears above Rosalina which sends enemies upwards. Luma kicks into the air sending the enemies in pretty much the same trajectory as the halo.
    • Rosalina's damage: 10%
    • Luma's damage: 4%
  • Forward Air: Rosalina slowly backflips leaving a cosmic trail at the end of her dress that multi-hits the opponent, with a powerful knockback at the later hits. Luma tackles in front of it sending the enemies in a vertical trajectory.
    • Rosalina's damage: Hits four times. 1% first three hits, 4% last hit.
    • Luma's damage: 5%
  • Down Air: A halo travels down from Rosalina's dress which can cause a Meteor Smash if sweetspotted (sweetspot is about half a second after casting the move and just at the center of the halo). Luma kicks downwards knocking the enemy really far from it. Luma's best KO move. The halo hits through platforms.
    • Rosalina's damage: 2-8% (7% and spikes).
    • Luma's damage: 5%
  • Backward Air: Rosalina kicks backwards creating a galaxy at her feet for a decent knockback. Luma kicks in the same fashion as Rosalina, but its kick has slightly more range and damages enemies during the whole kicking animation, not just at the end. Very useful in short-hop fast falling thanks to the low landing lag.
    • Rosalina's damage: 11%
    • Luma's damage: 4%

Grabs and Throws

It should be noted that Luma can't do anything when Rosalina grabs an opponent.

  • Pummel: Rosalina hits the enemy with her magic wand which leaves sparkles whenever it touches the enemy. Damage: 2%
  • Up Throw: Rosalina throws the opponent upwards by raising her hands in a graceful motion. The weakest of her throws, but can be followed up by an Up Tilt or Up Smash. Damage: 7%
  • Forward Throw: Hurls the enemy forward in a 50° angle, which launches them slightly higher than far. Damage: 9%
  • Down Throw: Bounces the opponent by slamming them on the floor for a good vertical distance. Damage: 9%. Has low knockback scaling, allowing her to follow up with most of her Air Attacks (specially Forward Aerial) and some Tilts, depending on the opponent.
  • Backward Throw: Rosalina gracefully spins the enemy around her and then hurls them backwards for good damage and knockback. This is Rosalina's strongest throw overall in terms of both knockback and damage, being able to KO opponents at high percentages. Damage: 11%

Special Moves

Rosalina & Luma's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Luma Shot
Side Special Star Bits
Up Special Launch Star
Down Special Gravitational Pull
Final Smash Power Star

Rosalina's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Luma Warp Power Luma Shot
Side Special Floaty Star Bit Shooting Star Bit
Up Special Launch Star Plus Launch Star Attack
Down Special Catch & Release Guardian Luma


  • Up Taunt: She and Luma spin around while levitating in the air.
  • Side Taunt: Waves her wand up and down while Luma does the same, then Luma does a flip.
  • Down Taunt: Twirls her wand as Luma whirls around upwards.

In competitive play

To be added

Other features

To be added

Trophy descriptions

Rosalina & Luma

Rosalina & Luma trophy.

The mysterious Rosalina lives in the Comet Observatory with the Lumas. She first traveled with them in search of their mother. In Smash Bros., Rosalina and Luma can fight in different places at the same time. If you can trap someone between Rosalina and Luma, you'll be able to unleash incredible damage!
  • Super Mario Galaxy (11/2007)
  • Super Mario 3D World (11/2013)
Rosalina & Luma (Alt.)

Rosalina & Luma (Alt.) trophy.

Rosalina can pull in items and projectiles around her with her Gravitational Pull move. Her up special Launch Star is a diagonal jump and, though harmless, it has exceptional range. You also have some control over Rosalina's trajectory when she uses it.
  • Super Mario Galaxy (11/2007)
  • Super Mario 3D World (11/2013)

Rosalina & Luma Final Smash Trophy

Power Star
In Rosalina's Final Smash, she summons a Power Star above her head. It launches fighters who touch it and also fires a barrage of smaller stars in all directions, all the while growing bigger and bigger. Even if Rosalina falls off the stage right after activating it, the Power Star will keep attacking her foes until it finally explodes.

Costume Gallery

Rosalina Palette (SSB4).png


Reveal Trailer



  • Rosalina, Greninja, and Palutena are the only characters to have a unique sidestep; instead of truly sidestepping she will disappear for half a second and reappear. Her roll is the same thing.
  • Luma can change color every time it's knocked out and respawns, ranging from light colors, like beige and yellow, to more vivid colors, such as blue, red, and green. It can also be black-colored with blue eyes, just like Polari, the Luma on the Observatory beside her. This is purely an aesthetic detail; it doesn't affect her gameplay whatsoever.
  • Rosalina & Luma is the second fighter duo (the first being Ice Climbers).
  • Rosalina is the second female Mario series character to be playable in 3DS/Wii U, the first being Peach.
  • Luma and Mega Man are the only two characters to have unique KOs; Luma's is smaller than the others.
    • In addition, if Rosalina's stamina runs out, Luma will pop wherever it's located.
  • Rosalina's eighth palette swap resembles how she looks with the Fire Flower ability in Super Mario 3D World.
    • It also bears a slight resemblance to the White Mage from the Final Fantasy series, who appeared in Mario Hoops 3-on-3 and Mario Sports Mix. It also bears a slight resemblance to Peach's sprite from Super Mario Bros., and Fire Peach from Super Mario 3D World.
  • The Rosalina amiibo is particularly famous due to its massive popularity and the fact that it has run out of stock in most stores because 200 of them were purchased by one individual.

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