The Rocketbarrel Boost (Japanese: Barrel Jet - バレルジェット, Bareru Jetto; labeled Rocketbarrel Blast in the Brawl instruction booklet) is Diddy Kong's Up Special Move. Diddy Kong activates his Rocketbarrel Pack and propels himself upwards.


The height the Rocketbarrel Boost will cover depends on how much the player charges the jetpack. The player can change the angle that Diddy travels by tilting the control stick left or right while the move is being charged; charging the move longer allows a more significant angle shift. Diddy falls slightly slower as the move is charging.

Touching an opponent while ascending will cause minor damage. The initial burst when used in the air may serve as a meteor smash, spiking the foe while Diddy recovers to safe ground. If Diddy is attacked while using the move, the barrels will fly off and become randomly-moving, unshieldable projectiles, exploding on contact with the stage. If Diddy hits a ceiling while using the move, he takes about 5% damage.

Diddy Kong's Special Moves
Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Peanut Popgun
Side Special Monkey Flip
Up Special Rocketbarrel Boost
Down Special Banana Peel
Final Smash Rocketbarrel Barrage Hyper Rocket Barrel

Custom Variations

Rocketbarrel Attack

Rocketbarrel Attack hits harder than the Rocketbarrel Boost, but doesn't fly quite as well.


  • Descent is slowed when using it in the air
  • Excellent vertical height
  • High damage
  • Combo finisher


  • Very little horizontal influence

The RocketBarrel Attack deals a lot of damage to opponents, making it excellent as a combo finisher. Diddy Kong's descent is slowed down when this move is used in the air and it has excellent vertical height; these two factors together make this move very good for recovery. However, it has very little horizontal influence.

Rocketbarrel Kaboom

Rocketbarrel Kaboom charges faster and steers better, but the Rocketbarrels explode when he hits terrain.


  • Good for both vertical and horizontal recovery
  • Explosion deals good damage and launches upwards
  • Charges faster


  • Less distance even when fully charged

The Rocketbarrel Kaboom is for players that want better horizontal influence out of their recovery. The move is good for both horizontal and vertical recovery but does cover less distance even when fully charged, so Diddy Kong cannot go for deep kills and rely on this move to get him back to the stage. The move does charge up faster and if Diddy Kong impacts with terrain while flying the rocketbarrel pack will explode, with the explosion dealing a good amount of damage and launching opponents upwards, making the move a potential approach option and combo starter.

Diddy Kong's Custom Special Moves
Custom 1 Custom 2
Standard Special Exploding Popgun Jumbo Peanuts
Side Special Back Flip Flying Monkey Flip
Up Special Rocketbarrel Attack Rocketbarrel Kaboom
Down Special Shocking Banana Peel Battering Banana Peel

Rocketbarrel Pack

The Rocketbarrel Pack is a jet pack that Diddy Kong uses for Rocketbarrel Barrage and Rocketbarrel Boost.

Rocketbarrel Pack Trophy.jpg
An item that looks like regular barrels but becomes a rocket-powered jet pack when Diddy Kong straps them on his back. It's a convenient gadget to have when adventuring, but for whatever reason, Diddy also uses it when playing tennis and basketball. The moves he can pull off with the rocketbarrel pack are so cool that they're almost not fair. Almost.
  • Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
  • Donkey Kong: Barrel Blast (2007)


  • When playing as Diddy Kong on "low gravity" mode, charging his Rocketbarrel Boost in the air causes him to float up, as if the gravity was reversed.
    • If Diddy Kong is attacked in midair, jumps, and then uses this move, the same thing occurs.