Rock Smash is Charizard's Side Special attack. Charizard takes a rock and headbutts it. The force of the headbutt has high knockback and very high damage. After this portion of the attack, the rock shatters into several smaller pieces that fly forward in a spread effect, dealing small amounts of damage. The attack is a powerful, but slow finisher in normal matches. It is a recommended move against bosses who do not make any effort to dodge the slow attack. In addition, since bosses are unaffected by knockback, this means every possible hitbox will connect, dealing massive damage, whereas playable characters will often be knocked out of range by the initial blow.


Rock Smash is a move in the Pokémon games. It can be used in battle, and also able to crush rocks outside of battle, similar to how the move "Cut" can be used as an attack in battle and used to cut trees outside of battle. Rock Smash is one of the weaker damage-dealing attacks in the games, despite the fact that it is used to shatter boulders, however, it did have a chance of lowering the target's defense, allowing more damage with subsequent attacks.

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Charizard's Special Moves
Brawl SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Flamethrower
Side Special Rock Smash Flare Blitz
Up Special Fly
Down Special (Pokémon Change) Rock Smash (Pokémon Change)
Final Smash Fire Blast (of Triple Finish) Mega Evolution Fire Blast (of Triple Finish)
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